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Globalization, GATS and the WTO



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Globalization, GATS and the WTO


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Libraries and the WTO

General Information on GATS and the WTO

  • Public Citizen Global Trade Watch
    Includes publications like the Citizen's Guide to the WTO
  • Reports on the WTO
    From the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada
  • Province of B.C. Ministry of Employment and Investment
    Discusses the major issues concerning the negotiation of rules governing international trade in services. The paper reviews existing trade obligations in the services sector and raises for comment, a series of issues relating to the current negotiations within the WTO and FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas)
  • Full text of GATS
    From the World Trade Organization website
  • Corporate Watch
    Works with other organizations to protect and promote the value of a strong public sector.

Libraries and GATS

GATS and the threat to libraries


The impact of globalization

The impact of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)


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