Seers say Water Wars to come.


NB: These are predictions by non-technocrats

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“Wars will be fought over water resources, where rivers are shared by two or more nations. Conflict is inevitable. Examples: Ganges, Nile, Jordan, Tigris-Euphrates, Amu Darya, Syr Darya, and Nile River.  Eighty-six percent of this river originates in Ethiopia. This country expects to expand its irrigated land and expand its hydroelectric power. Egypt gets hardly any rainfall.


Globally, water is in great excess, but because of operational limits and pollution, it can, in fact, support at most one more doubling of demand which will occur in the next 20 to 30 years. Even if it were possible to prevent all pollution, trap every drop of flood water, move either the people to the water or the water to the people, even if it were possible, or desirable, to capture the planet’s full 40.000 cubic kilometers of annual run off for human use, there would be enough water for only 3 to 4 doublings a mere 100 years away, IF current growth rates continue.”


Comment by DFR: This rap about the increase in population rates continuing, 3 to 4 doublings is silly there are limits to growth of all things there cannot be more life forms than the environment can sustain it is that simple. To get a more realistic viewpoint on population growth read chapter 8 of the Technocracy study course on Dynamic Equilibrium.


The rise & demise of past civilizations:
It may be correct to say that the Mayan culture is the most studied of all human cultures. How did a people who achieved such an impressive civilization vanish so quickly is the question the answer to which seems to have eluded scholar’s world wide. Lack of agreement amongst the philosophers and archeologists makes for a large section in our libraries and a popular topic for debate among intellectuals. In the last couple of years the furor over climate change has caused the climatologists to be widely listened to and they too refer to the Mayans and naturally offer evidence to back up their findings. In a word the Mayan people were all but wiped out by DROUGHT. Yup, not a year or two but decade upon decade of killing water shortage one respected climatologist has suggested that the Mayan built those mammoth structures the way they did to catch and hold water.


The era of Mongol rule may have been both catalyzed by the shortage of water in their homeland and ended when the droughts ended allowing them to return to their native lands. The golden age of Europe may have been brought about by abundant rainfall and ended by a long period of drought. If you doubt this is a simple matter of surfing the www and reading the writings of climatologists. Yes to non nomadic humans water is the be all and end all of the settled life.


Here in North America people can recall the drought of the 1930s and how tragic its impact upon our society was and bear in mind that we, unlike the Mayans, had our technology and a transportation system to save us.


Meanwhile back to the present and beyond. When speculating on how warm earth might get the subject of droughts comes to the forefront since extended lack of sufficient water has brought about the end of so many well established civilizations.


Recall the first objections to the NAFTA programs that came to great public attention it was over water rights between Canada and the U.S. of A. sadly, this one feature was hyped up and has severely prejudiced the public against the entire North American Union which should be thought of simply as a required step in the evolution of  human social systems brought on by the advent of technology.


Acceptance & Adaptation:

Since it is the sun that is heating up not only our planet but our galaxy it should occur to some people that we cannot stop the global warming. So how do we prepare? Hydrological engineers developed a design for dealing with the distribution of water on our Continent it is known as the Continental Hydrology Program it is part of the Continental Social Design of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State it can provide a secure future for all North Americans by securing an ample supply of potable water in all parts of our Continent.


This Continental Hydrology Program could assure water for consumption
 and agriculture for one hundredth of all the humans now alive  for eons to
come but not implementing a program such as this will allow for droughts,
famine, and water wars.



The Hydrology program was designed by engineers, and other technical people whose field of study was water.  It is important to note that this massive hydrology program cannot be done within the confines of our current method of social operation.


So will our nation states unify and change to a method of social operation that would make possible a future without fear of killing droughts or are the populace so indoctrinated to nationalistic pride that they will permit a haphazard water supply system built in bits and pieces for reasons other that securing water for the future, such as money to be made by damming rivers for power generation by local yokels in 2007 there were over 800 requests to dam rivers for this by land owners in British  Columbia Canada alone. Will we allow hydro programs to be done to get votes in some election? Surely no forward looking thinking person could ever feel secure with the possibility of running out of water becoming more real daily.


Time to choose people!
The earth is warming up and droughts are just a matter of time. Abandon the moribund 7,000 year old social system to which you still cling.  The silly expression “history repeats it’s self” can only be made into a truism if we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.


Adapt, prepare, survive investigate this plan.


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