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These are all SHORT commentaries they reflect the webmaster DFRs background as a scientist who has kept in touch with social change groups for all of his adult life. Those who do not have the time to keep up with what is happening in the social activist’s scene can be updated via these commentaries so read on and may this serve you well.

Social change achievements
I am a social activist
An article on global warming

Stop the SPP
Can the NAU programs be stopped?
The REAL peril of the NAU programs

Overpopulation - impending famine
Seers say “Water Wars on the way"
Using food as fuel

Peace who wants it?
BIG Brother

Myth & Science
Our banks are broke what caused it?

Stimulation for our nation

Nowadays most people that have been left out of the work force have lost all hope that life for them will ever be any different than what they have now and this hopelessness has cost them their health because they zone out on sedatives. Not only is a life without financial restrictions possible it may soon be happening for everyone here in North America. Re-activate your mind again by taking up the study of what our most probable future will be like on this web site. Those who are busy studying something have less time to dwell upon the prospect of a dismal future. Be aware that comprehensive thinking is required to grok this.


The future is friendly
Be informed, be happy




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