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Science and mythology a Paradigm


One of the joys of both believers and pragmatists is when current technologies prove that what was previously thought of as folklore is proven to be fact: when discoveries are made that tend to support what so far has been thought of as tall tales.


The Legend of Olde Atlantis



Whatever was thought to be known about the legend of The Olde Atlantis has been blended with other stories over the ages resulting in a hodgepodge that those who are pragmatic find repellant. Much of the dubious claims made by most authors are most likely due to their trying to identify The Olde Atlantis with an actual country that existed within the then known world this document does NOT do so you can read on without risk of being seriously offended by the speculations herein.


The Olde Atlantis derives its name from the titan Atlas  Atlantis in Greek  is island of Atlas the name of a legendary island first mentioned in Plato's dialogues. The possible existence of a genuine Olde Atlantis was actively discussed throughout classical antiquity. The Olde Atlantis is generally seen by most scholars as a myth created by Plato to illustrate his political theories.  BTW: current archaeological evidence does not support the premise that technologically sophisticated civilizations existed around 9000 BC anywhere in the world.


Although this function of the story of The Olde Atlantis is held by most scholars, they dispute whether and how much Plato's account was inspired by older traditions and how much of the stories of The Olde Atlantis drew upon memories of both past and contemporary events such as the Trojan War, from events like the destruction of Helike in 373 BC, the failed Athenian invasion of Sicily in 415–413 BC after which Plato’s Atlantis sank into the ocean "in a single day and night of misfortune" the story of The Olde Atlantis, if Plato did not invent it, may in fact reflect ancient Egyptian records as  there are ancient Egyptian records of a volcanic eruption on the island of Thera about 1500 BC this eruption, one of the most stupendous of historical times, was accompanied by a series of earthquakes and tsunamis that shattered civilization on Crete (and quite likely in other parts of the world as well,) thereby perhaps giving rise to the legend of The Olde Atlantis sinking into the ocean.


In Plato's account, The Olde Atlantis, lying "beyond the pillars of Heracles" was the westerly extreme of the ancient Greek world. What we know today as "the Strait of Gibraltar". To travel beyond the Pillars of Heracles was to travel beyond the known world. (This second meaning of the expression "the Pillars of Heracles" as the limit of the known world is almost ignored in theories of The Olde Atlantis also; NB: Most researchers have mistaken their Atlantic ocean to be the North Atlantic Ocean, but for the Greeks of Solon's time their Atlantic was a body of water that completely encircles the world it lay to the west, yes, but it also lay to east, north and south. So in its true historic sense their Atlantic was a much larger body of water than just the North Atlantic Ocean as it is defined today. In Solon's time the earth-island was divided politically into: Europe, Libya and Asia. Libya included all of North Africa. Asia was an area which covered what we would call the Middle East. Surrounding this earth-island was a vast ocean that the Greeks called the Atlantic a body of water that surrounded the flat earth. This then, in a nutshell, is the legend of the Olde Atlantis.

This is reputed to be a drawing of The Olde Atlantis currently known as Antarctica showing its shape and location to the right is the tip of the Americas. The Olde Atlantis before a shift in the earths crust was NOT a frozen land during recent drilling just 250 miles from the South Pole geologists have discovered the frozen remains of forest.


Eons later

It is now accepted even though he was given credit as the one who discovered North America Christopher Columbus may have been following a chart he had been given perhaps by Sir Francis Bacon as to where Bacon could have gotten a map of Olde Atlantis drawn some 9,000 years ago it seems to have gone like this: An Egyptian priest got this drawing from a citizen of Olde Atlantis a Rosicrucian. The map drawing was thereafter taken from Egypt by the Romans after the fall of Cleopatra. The Arabs then got it from the Romans and took it to Persia. During the crusades the Knights Templar brought it to Brittan and later moved it to Scotland where a Rosicrucian Francis Bacon got it and gave it to Columbus so the New Atlantis could be discovered and colonized.  In Sir Francis Bacons time there was not an accurate globe with which anyone might compare it to other charts of the time.

Sir Francis Bacon may have chosen his name for North America as the New Atlantis simply as a button pushing tactic to take advantage of the inspirational mind set the word Atlantis would engender in those who needed to be informed about its existence for colonization purposes A hopeful state of mind which included the possibility of a better life for everyone who could get there He needed to convince chosen people that the  place of which he spoke of as “the new world” did exist near the Olde Atlantis and that it was uninhabited and that it was a place where one could go and establish a life that did not include suffering oppression by the aristocrats and ecclesiasts of the day; a place where there was an abundance of the necessities of life a land of wide open spaces with equal opportunity for all. The stated intention of the settlers of North America was to establish a fair place to live; one where there was a separation between church and state where people of each and every race, creed, color could be truly free to pursue happiness.



And now we come to the point of this article.


A common desire of individuals of all cultures has been, and still is, to live in a place where they would be free

to begin anew life; without slavishly conforming to the ways of the past.

I put it to you that such a place does exist and will soon appear. To put it in a poetic way

The New Atlantis is rising.

Here is its location

This land of course is not going to move in any way. The rising part is the implementation of THE PLAN depicted in this CD presentation. On day zero of our new modern method of social operation circa 2017 when the usage of energy accounting goes into effect it may be said that the New Atlantis will have risen.

Read about what our lives can be like in The New Atlantis

Those who delve into the beginnings of North America will note that a majority of the founding fathers were members of the Free Masons. Some of them were directly responsible for the creation of a constitution for the republic of the United States of America one which is, as written, far and away the best agreement ever made anywhere for operation of a social system intended to prohibit the oppression by one human by another it is plain that the founders intended to create a fair place in which to live. Much can and has been said about this group but IMHO their intentions towards their fellow man are benign and to think that they have plans to dominate others is just silly.


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Other myths that connect to this plan for a future that is friendly - Mayan, Ich'ing

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We note that the symbol of the Knights Templar was on the sails of the fleet that brought the pilgrims here. My information is that North America was founded by the (Rosicrucian - Free Masons) who were later joined by the Christians all other groups including any off continent government were and have until recently been minor participants in decision making in The U.S. of A..

Perhaps it was and is different for Canada and Mexico, or perhaps not this is moot as all that has come before the advent of technology is passé and will fade out of existence to be replaced by a new order of things here in North America.

Oh yeah, BTW: the future is friendly so be happy and delve into THE PLAN folks..

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Disclaimer: To include a discussion of myths and science in this presentation was a choice of the author David Ravlin ( DFR ) these are not topics which are discussed by those at the founder organization who are the caretakers of this social design.

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