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Mythology& Science


A prediction:

A Mayan prophesy is -- expect a new era of cooperation and plenty which will begin in 2012, to expect an end to the old ways of living – could this Mayan prediction be referring to an end of scarcity of what we all need to live we wonder?  The Mayan calendar also has 2012 A.D. as the time that a transformation to a wonderful way of life will take place we note that Guatemala the land of the Mayans is one of the countries included as part of the proposed unified North American nations.


A spiritual awakening:

most of those who are into spiritualism are talking about a rising of human consciousness and an increased spiritual awareness on a planetary level happening in 2012 this will allow humans to get along better. Their trip is that working towards self improvement is the way to make the world a better place to change the world by changing ones self.


A matter of agreement:

those who are into science understand that it is the social system that is at fault NOT the individuals within it, that by changing the social system for the better human behavior is thereby automatically changed for the better. Our current method of social operation rewards bad behavior the mechanism is money which can be gotten in any way if we eliminate money we can eliminate most of the bad behavior so we encourage all social change types to promote or at least support the adoption of energy accounting. We expect that an end to using money will arrive in the same time frame as the spiritual awakening in 2012. Yes the future will be friendly it is simply a matter of agreeing to use this plan for social change.




THE END of... ..

More prediction from the east:
according to the I Ch’ing life as it has been known to date will end.

So here we have the Mayans, the I Ch’ing, science in the social field all coinciding this is surely food for thought if you have studied the Mayans and the I Ch’ing perhaps it is time to study the scientific approach via this web site?

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