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The alternative to these impending scenarios is
 the implementation of a science based social design
 THE PLAN which is on the www.
Apathy is usually equated with consent
will you stick your head into the sand
 and just pretend that all is grand
 or will you,


Take a stand!



Here are some of he widely discussed options for the future of our North America.


Foreign rule?


Maos red book states openly that the objective of the Chinese communist government, not the Chinese people themselves, is world domination. It states further that will be achieved without warfare. (A moot point, as our technology has made our continent invincible.) Most of us are aware by now that the Chinese communist government is simply buying the North American nations, piece by piece, and using lax immigration policy to move in. There is a benign defense for such a tactic; it is described in the plan. Foreign nationals properly say if you do not want us to get your stuff do not sell it to us. This plan calls for removal of putting a price on everything. Something that has no price cannot be bought. That which is in our silos can protect us from war. Energy Accounting can protect us from peace. This plan and Energy Accounting is the best defense there is as it would harm no one.


Corporate rule?

We have had our food inspection staff reduced to an ineffective number. We have had our hard won environmental and food protection laws reversed by local and multi-national corporations who can now even sue our governments if laws that constrain them exist! We are having the nutritional products upon which we base our personal health care restricted and banned. Defense is an issue since 911. The ancient cultures are at war not with us the people but rather  with our North American corporate state way of life. A major problem for them is our corporate driven interference in the affairs of other sovereign nations. This plan describes a methodology for replacing any and all corporations operating on this continent with a more sensible distribution system. No longer will our armies be used to make the world safe for North American business since there will be no more business operating from here. Too simple and radical you say. Nope, it is required if we are to survive the impending chaos circa 2020.


Crisis what crisis? It is coming on many fronts both external and internal such as: The Environmental Protection Agency has projected that nearly half of the water system pipes in the United States will be in poor, very poor, or "life elapsed" status by 2020… "I'm not exaggerating," said a project director in the agency's water division. "It's a really, really big public issue...”


A police state? 




I say why wait for the completion of the police state? Is it even on its way? Well, in Canada the police can now legally break our laws they can even grant immunity to those they have paid to assist them! New police forces are being created at an alarming to me at least rate; even transit system people carry guns. And in Vancouver BC Canada "non compliant" passengers are subjected to potentially lethal electric tasering for not having a ticket to ride. (5 in the first 4 months) The ratio of police to citizens will soon reach the stated police objective of one per two hundred fifty. Another indicative ratio is that in the US of A one of every hundred citizens according to a recent globe and mail report are in jail routinely criminalized for purposes of control and Canada is right behind the states. And speaking of control there is a program underway now called NEXUS which will oblige ALL citizens of nations that are part of NAFTA to carry “enhanced ID cards” which can be read at a distance by police.

Already four out of five of our fellows kept in prison are there for illegal drug use or simply trying in their own way to escape from a life of deprivation. Laws to prohibit or restrict the use of things which large sectors of the citizenry wish to consume grows ever longer analgesics, vitamins, healthful herbs, alcohol,  now tobacco what will be added to this list next? My guess is coffee. To people who do their own thinking the stop smoking campaign is a divide and rule tactic that the police are using it is not a health issue it is divide and rule tactic. Wake up! There are laws that prevent parents from disciplining their own children. There are laws which make telling of some jokes a crime. Edmonton AB Canada has a law that makes looking at someone a certain way into a crime. Landlords have been empowered and obliged to search people’s homes for pot plants. What a citizen can or cannot write in their once private emails is being defined et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Update 2008: The federal government has announced that they will train and equip another ten thousand RCMP. In Canada there are already more police than members of the military!

Symptoms of a police state


1) Powerful and continuing nationalism,

2) Distain for the recognition of human rights, s

It is fine to prate that without the rule of law there can be no guarantee of rights for the minorities; however it can be pointed out that with the rule of law there can be no guarantee of rights for the majority”

3) Identification of enemies and scapegoats as a unifying cause,

4) Supremacy of the military,

5) Rampant sexism,

6) Controlled mass media,

7) Obsession with national security,

8) Religion and government intertwined,

9) Protection of corporate power,

10) Suppression of labor power,

11) disdain for intellectuals and the arts,

12) Obsession with crime and punishment,

13) Rampant cronyism and corruption,

14) Fraudulent elections.

15) Police are able to kill citizens without recourse.


A few words to the wise:

Amongst the social activists groups there are DVDs circulating that pander to those who ignoring the advent of technology parrot the expression that “history repeats its self” and those who are obsessed with the antics of power elite groups of bygone days. These are NOT informational videos they are no more than horror movies; a hodge-podge of stills and clips of all the well known evil deeds done by these groups and vague unfounded allusions to the proposition that the move toward Continentalism in Europe and here in North America being their final thrust to gain domination of all humankind. This drivel is lapped up by geriatric nationalists and those who are at a loss as to how to adapt to changing times and people who devote their time and energy to keeping things the same as they were in their grandparents time. There is no place left on earth where hundreds of millions can find their own cabins in the woods any more and there never will be again. There is though a real danger that unless politics and money are abandoned that our children will find themselves in a police state. The time to give up trying to fix the system has passed it must be replaced with a completely new one. Check out this plan as I have done for the past 20 years and you will regain your hopes for a decent future.


The time has come to change our social operation not just modify it. This is the only such plan in existence. The plan describes how that here in North America we could gain and keep control of our own lives.  Wake up! In this the machine age all those who support continuation of political rule are guilty of putting the reigns into foreign hands. Which is treason?



This is a plan which can work if we only agree to try it before 2012.
Take an interest in the future it is where you will spend the rest of your life!

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*        The NEXUS program Enhanced welfare cards
The cards are being given to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (welfare) recipients who do not have bank accounts an estimated four million; there are already over two million who have the card. As many as 40 million U.S. households either have no bank account or make little use of banking services.

Enhanced Medical Cards
Also, those who belong to medical plans will soon be issued with enhanced medical cards. The stated objective is for every citizen to have on their person at all times an enhanced ID card.

Enhanced birth certificates
The new birth certificates will all be enhanced cards.

Enhance drivers licenses:
When currant driver licenses expire the renewed ones will be enhanced cards.

Enhanced department store and major credit cards
This is IMHO: another likely step which has yet to be proposed or announced.

So we see by now that everyone will soon have a standardized electronic card which can be used to feed everyone’s personal data to a central database which can be accessed by whoever has access privileges. It is most certain that the myriad of police forces will have access. When this has been accomplished we will be for all intents and purposes IN A POLICE STATE.

We urge you to face these facts
how we can move beyond the impending police state is what this presentation is all about
do delve into it as personal freedom is still possible
 so control your fears and study THE PLAN as
all this notwithstanding the future will be friendly.

Bear in mind that the purposes to which these standardized cards will be put to by the various establishment groups need not be discussed being obvious. The potential for begin or malignant use depends upon which group one is referring to.  After Nafta when the change from financial accounting to energy accounting is made these enhanced cards will be used to acquire all consumable goods and access all services. These cards will make possible a TRULY cashless society note that this is different from what most people think of it would not involve cash in any form and there will be no such thing as debt, no such thing as buying and selling, no such thing as taxation we are discussing a system of distribution not an economic system.

The advent of the internet has made the expression “Ignorance is no excuse,” into a truism and anyone who agrees that “knowledge is power,” should realize that the age of the average citizen being ruled by secret societies and ALL power elite groups of by gone days has ended. Now the question of how we of the new age can adapt our social system so that it will function in a equitable and sustainable way must be addressed. For this we should look to those of the scientific community for it is they who are responsible for this awesome change in human affairs. They have already devised a plan and are waiting to guide us into a future which putting it mildly is friendly.

Happy landings

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