Perimeter Program


Most humans will defend their homes why should we be different?

An alternative to living in fear


Although we would all prefer to think in terms of sharing our resources with have not parts of the world the time may come when we have to make sure that here in North America we have enough of what we need to live in a comfortable sustainable manner. This plan calls for both the end of selling off and of giving away of our natural resources to areas of earth that are so poorly governed that they cannot provide for their own people. Exceptions could of course be made in cases of climactic calamities. What can we expect if and when that we adopt this strictly defensive posture? Will others come to take what we  have? Will we be prepared to defend ourselves? It is natural for any forward thinking person to wonder about such things.


This drawing comes from the archives of Technocracy the scientist founders determined that providing we can unite the thirty or so nations that are to be included in the North American Technate before the crunch comes circa 2012 an acceptable way of life can be protected. NOTE that the federal governments of Canada the U.S. of A., and Mexico are currently involved in setting up what they call the “Perimeter Program” for defense we expect that it will be nearly identical to what the founders of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 of WA State arrived at. Yes, the plan described on this CD does show what our future will be like better than any other groups surmising.


Those who think in global terms should embrace the usage of this plan as our Technate will keep safe from starvation one out of every one hundred people on earth. Think on this for a while and you will realize that this plan does not stem from a group of elite isolationists who think only of themselves, but rather from the most caring, generous, practical people who have ever lived. If you think of yourself in these terms and are more than a wishful thinking dreamer then get with it and learn what is on this one CD. If you cannot do so you can still help by giving your support to those who will enact the change to energy accounting and thereby provide irrevocable security for one one hundredth of the human race.. This is both at the same time a mind boggling concept and an achievable objective. Once you realize that there is still hope for humankind’s survival you will wonder if we can get all this happening in time. Sure we can.


Without financial restrictions it should take about two years to get all North Americans into healthy housing, eating healthy food, and moving freely about the continent. Changing to energy accounting can and will make this all possible. Then with a united work force of six hundred and fifty million equipped with our vast array of machinery we of the North American Technate can and will show the entire world how to fix things up. Or simply do it for them. I am being realistic as this is a science based program and therefore completely achievable. If this is all too big for your brain to hold then just read the novel Afta NAFTA included in this CD presentation and you will at least know what to expect. So take heart people this is your future and despite current events it will be friendly.




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