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What folly to oppose the inevitable.


Efforts are well underway by many groups to unite some of the North American nations beginning with Canada, the U.S. of A. and Mexico. Who these groups are is no secret; on the contrary they include the federal governments of all countries involved. Although the names of some of the groups are mentioned their stated reasons for unification will not be discussed in this presentation The tactics used by these groups will not be discussed. Which of the countries or groups within them will be disadvantaged or just who might gain advantage will not be discussed. Any of the objectives stated or surmised of these groups beyond the operation of many nations as one unit will not be discussed as their motivations and tactics are distracting and their deeds are transitory having in the long run no lasting effect.


·        North American acculturation is happening. The trends are well established and the momentum for change is so great that resistance is futile we will be assimilated  but then what? This will be discussed here.


I caution people to not become concerned with the antics of any power elite groups that are working surreptitiously to arrange things so that they maintain a position of advantage at this time. A workable amalgamation of this continent will take perhaps until 2010 at which time provided that this plan is well understood by enough people a switch can be made from financial accounting to energy accounting then, but not before, the framework at least, of a continental mode of operation exists. Get it?


Therefore the most sensible course of action may be not to oppose the amalgamation but rather to monitor what is being done. A move to a common currency will come, for now, it is being called the Amero. The model for what is happening namely the European Union with its common currency the Euro; we expect that the price system groups that are implementing NAFTA, SPP, NAU, and related programs will be able to avoid most of the pitfalls that are causing problems in Europe. We have a surplus of very competent people here in North America and our establishment has been well infiltrated by hip people who share the common dream of an egalitarian social system.



I caution all social change activists to avoid placing their faith in any sub-culture leaders who have antiquated nationalistic mind sets similar to their ancestors. Many of these gurus of the past are striving to keep things the way they always have been or even worse seek a return to the good--olde—days. This is the modern age and ADAPTATION is the mandate for survival.




Sometime after North Americans have overcome their resistance to these changes and accepted a new type of money the Amero it will become possible to make still another final change to using energy credits in place of the Amero and an equitable sustainable social mechanism derived from using technology to produce goods for use not profit can come into being for one of every hundred humans alive. It is helpful of one thinks that operating many nations as a single unit is a natural step in the evolution of our social mechanism, that this progression is omni-directional and irreversible, that our world is unlike that of our parents and we must adapt or suffer and perhaps perish.


This is science in the social field there are sound engineering reasons for operating modern social mechanisms on a continental basis so in all probability this will soon be happening here. The Project Graybook course of study can impart to those who will be making the changes a sense of direction and what our medium range common goals ought to be.


So, until then we should take care of ourselves and carry on with our everyday endeavors as usual with one addition namely the using of this CD to become familiar with the plan for a usufruct lifestyle in a situation of technologically produced abundance that  does not use money in any form, that does not involve political rule. The very lifestyle we all have held dear for some forty years is drawing near people will we be ready? Will we even recognize its arrival? For those who take the time to go through the links on this CD the answer to both questions will be YES! As for the others well we can inform them quickly provided we have learned what is required ourselves.

We must all look beyond the immediate future to about the year A.D. 2017 and not get mired in the gyrations of uniting the Nation of North America leave it up to the people you elected and your business leaders and self-appointed power group watchers. Use your time and energies in preparation for what will come after NAFTA.

 For the past 40 years I have gone to all the meetings of social change groups I could. I came across this plan 22 years ago and after a decade of studying it I put up and have maintained two web sites describing it ever since. For these past twelve years I have been dedicated to preparing people for social change. If you care to read some of my work simply do a web search for "David Ravlin" Oh yeah, one more thing we who have sacrificed our time and energies correcting wrong-doings and resisting oppression by those of the power elite groups could do with some time off and something wonderful to look forward to such as usage of this plan. Those who have given up trying to make the world a better place might benefit by adjusting their focus away from the seemingly hopelessness of their locality, the doom and gloom of the “climate change end of everything” alarmists, and refocus on the not too distance future; say beyond A.D. 2012. Yup, rest assured my dear social activists the future will be friendly. Just let it happen.



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