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to endorse the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly:

10.  To set loose a citizen watchdog in the halls of the UN and watch it nip at the heels of self-interested national states and international bureaucracies. 

9.   To introduce parliamentary debates and question period to the UN and thereby bring about more media scrutiny, more public attention and more political pressure to deal with the great problems that beleaguer the world: militarism, the environment, global poverty and disease.

8.   To catch up with Europe and the African Union which have parliaments; and with NATO, OSCE, the Commonwealth, La Francophonie and the Council of Europe which all have parliamentary assemblies.   Why is the UN one of the few international bodies that doesn't have a parliamentary dimension to make it more accountable and effective?

7.  To have representatives at the UN that answer directly to us, that can't be fired by national governments, and who are mandated to act according to conscience and the common good.
Citizens of most democratic countries have their elected representatives at city, state, and national levels.  Why not at the UN?

6.  To provide a behavioural model of democracy that we want non-democratic countries to learn, and to provide an opportunity for democratic countries to actually practice what they preach.

5.  Because the Campaign is supported by actress Emma Thompson, not to mention former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, entrepreneur Anita Roddick, journalist George Monbiot, writers Günter Grass and Arthur C. Clarke, and we might even include Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who in 1842, wrote:

In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world......
.....the kindly earth shall slumber, lapt in universal law."

4.  Because according to the TV series Star Trek, Earth will be represented in the Planetary Federation by The United Earth (UE) Government, operating according to a parliamentary system.  A World Parliament is preordained!   All we need do is:   Make it so!

3.  Because individuals with diverse political perspectives and philosophies find common ground and are supporting the UNPA: conservatives, greens, liberals, socialists and independents.

2.  Because the train has already left the station.  Just several months after the starting whistle, the Campaign has been endorsed by over 465 members of parliaments, over 100 civil society groups and over 1100 individuals - with participation currently from 112 countries.  All aboard!

And the Top Reason

to endorse the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly:

1.   Because with an eventual world parliament, there will be paradise on earth, universal peace, the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind, and the end of sickness, poverty, violence and human misery.   Okay, we exaggerate!  But the longest journey begins with a single step. 


This Campaign is a grassroots effort carried out by volunteers.

It  has gotten off to a great start thanks to some dedicated individuals, but it will only succeed with your support.

In your capacity as a global citizen, you can help by going to the campaign website and adding your name as an endorser, joining parliamentarians, academics, prominent personalities, and ordinary citizens around the world working for global community and an effective, accountable United Nations.

Take action now  by clicking on http://en.unpacampaign.org/appeal/index.php
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Many, many thanks!      Your help is very much needed and very much appreciated!

Please spread the word!   And if you are also willing to contact your MP, let us know at  [email protected]
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