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Elective democracy is now universally accepted and promoted as the norm for political legitimacy.  But whereas most people today can choose
politicians to govern their cities, provinces or states and countries,  citizens do not vote directly for those who represent us on important global issues
at the United Nations.

The United Nations remains hamstrung by the clash of national interests that obstruct social and environmental progress for our global

In contrast, 492 million Europeans elect a Parliament which helps the continent manage its common interests, transcending the violent inter-state conflicts
of the twentieth century. 

The great problems of our times – war, disease, hunger, climate change – require co-operative solutions.  Why not give the United Nations a
parliamentary dimension to make it more inclusive, more transparent, more collaborative, more accountable and more effective?

A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, or UNPA could start as an advisory body -- a watchdog with clout -- that reviews the activities of the UN,
spurs needed reforms and raises the vital concerns of constituents, while nurturing the sense of global solidarity. Unlike UN ambassadors,
UNPA parliamentarians would not be required to take instruction from their national governments. They would be accountable to citizens and
mandated to act according to conscience and the common good.

A UNPA could be created without the approval of the Security Council and without reforming the UN Charter.  Article 22 of the existing Charter 
allows the UN General Assembly to create its own subsidiary bodies.

Until direct elections can be held worldwide, national parliaments could elect MPs to the UNPA. This would mirror the evolution of the European
Parliament where national parliaments served as ‘”electoral colleges” in the Parliament’s early years.

The advent of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations would signal a historic transformation of global political consciousness.

The UNPA has begun.  The international campaign was officially launched in April 2007 with high profile press conferences 
London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Dar Es Salaam, Mumbai, Ottawa, Vancouver and several other cities. An International Parliamentary
Conference in
Geneva under the patronage of former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali is planned.
Will you help by seeking an endorsement of the UNPA by your Member of Parliament, by meeting, calling or writing to him or her?  We 
will supply you with all the background materials you require and answer any questions you might have.

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