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Dancers at the Olympics

Dancers at the Olympics

Dancers at the Olympics 

Dancers at the Olympics

Check out our photos and videos

This is just a sample of our photos - old and new, from festivals and casual dance evenings. Note that we don't wear costumes for weekly dancing.

From 1987, but where?? Joe, Deb, Wendy, Tania, Ib Dancers at the Olympics Dancers at the Olympics

The rest of our photos are now on Flickr - you can find them in the 
Scandivancouver Album and also in the Scandivancouver Photo Pool.

We have several videos of our dancers on youtube.com/user/scandiperformers

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate our 50 years of Scandinavian dancing in Vancouver. Here are some links that may be of interest.

Expanded slide show, with around 30 slides that came in after the version that was shown at the party. The slide durations are 5 seconds - you can always pause the video to view any page longer. You can also move to the next or previous slide by using the right and left arrow buttons on your computer.
Celebrating 50 years - Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver, BC - YouTube

Video that was shown at the party, comprised of clips of videos taken over the years
Blast from the past of SDOV BC - YouTube

Video taken at the party. This includes Ib's recounting of highlights from the club's history. The page he referenced is Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver - About Us (vcn.bc.ca), on which you can find the link at the bottom to Ib's written document that he mentioned in the speech.
SDOV BC, 50th Anniversary celebration - YouTube

Send us your photos of our group

If you have photos of our group that you'd like to share, you can either send them (or put them in an online album and send a link to them) to Wendy or if you already have them on your own Flickr account, you can add them to the Scandivancouverphotopool group. 


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