The Como Watershed Group

"A non-profit charitable society committed to the long-term conservation of the Como Creek watershed and the environmental health of our community."

Founded in 1996 in consultation with the City of Coquitlam, our society began life as the "Como Lake-Keepers" involved in stewardship of Como Lake. The lake is a renowned urban fishing and recreation area in the city of Coquitlam as well as the Lower Mainland. By 1998, the organization had grown and expanded recognizing the need for taking a holistic approach to working within the watershed and the community. The CWG was incorporated as a society in 1999, became a charity in 2004 and is supported by a committed core group of volunteer members that include representatives from the community as well as local professionals who work in education and environmental fields.

The Society is involved in a host of collaborative activities from water quality monitoring to watershed restoration to input into land use planning processes and environmental education. Members offer a diverse array of expertise to the group enhancing its ability to provide a credible long-term resource to the city and the community. Much of the Society's work is guide by its vision and mission and the tools it has developed through the Watershed Wise Program an ecological literacy program designed to increase understanding of the value of urban watersheds and wildspaces.

Last Updated: MAY 2010

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