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The BC Coalition for Health Promotion believes that vibrant communities are the foundation of health. We recognize that health consists of physical, mental, spiritual, social, economic and environmental aspects that contribute to quality of life. It is a responsibility shared by individuals, communities, health providers, governments and society as a whole.

The BC Coalition for Health Promotion respects the strengths, capacities and rights of citizens to identify and resolve issues of importance to them. We honour the principles of equity and social justice for all people and communities, including those who have been traditionally marginalized or excluded from decision-making processes. We acknowledge the rights of people to be informed, to take risks and to make choices that support them in pursuing improved health and quality of life.

The BC Coalition for Health Promotion is committed to the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We support ways of working that promote shared responsibility, unified action, trust and an equal voice for all. We value different kinds of knowledge including education, training and wisdom gained through life experiences.

The BC Coalition for Health Promotion Coalition values honest open discussion and the creation of partnerships that are cooperative and that minimize power differences. We recognize the importance of diversity to social change and seek to reach consensus and understanding in a caring, respectful way.

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