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Updated Aug 2011

Prison Justice Day 2011

Tough on Crime Info 2011: Fight the Omnibus Bill

Canadian Crime at a Crossroads (May 2011)

Prison Justice Day 2010

Prison Justice Day 2011: French and English

Behind Bars In Canada : The Costs of Incarceration, The Correctional Investigator, Aboriginal Prisoners (2010 version) (2011 version)

A Model for Abolition: Alternatives to incarceration

Prison Conditions: Involuntary Transfers, Solitary Confinement, Double Bunking

Some FAQ & Qualities of a Prisoner Ally

Alternatives to Incarceration, includes Why decriminalize? and Nine Perspectives for Prison Abolitionists

Transgender Prisoners In Canada

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and The Criminal Justice System

Mental Health Behind Bars

Getting Tough on Tough on Crime (article)

Books 2 Prisoners Info Leaflet