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Letter From Yvonne Johnson On Her Transfer to EIW


A recently received letter from Yvonne Johnson, the co-author (with Rudy Wiebe) of Stolen Life: The Journey of a Cree Woman

Yvonne Johnson has been transferred against her will from the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge to the Edmonton Institute for Women. She is now the Chairperson of the Lifers' Group at the Edmonton Institute for Women, and is trying make the group independent and operative.

She says:

"One event I would like to host is they have tours of young girls who are at high risk to be in conflict with the law. We had spoken to these young girls but it was short and sweet. I feel they still sort of fear us, that they do not see the real truth of things and the impact of things. I had suggested we set up a whole day of speaking and personal interaction with these kids. A sort of scared straight program but in a calm cool and collective way instead. It takes funds to place up events as this so this is where I would ask if you could somehow help the group help our selves and in turn help others.

"I wanted to put up another event as well, we have abused women's shelters here in Edmonton. As a women's lifer's group we wish to interact with these women and children as well. As most women are in on lifer for murdering abusive spouses, or men who abuse the women for most of their lives. If we can reach these women and children as they are at the shelters then we may prevent incidents of murder from occuring in the future. Somehow empower these women so they can break out of the cycle of abuse. So I do have a lot of ideas but need funds to try and achieve this and create a balance in the group so we can get our own stuff together and try to interact in a supportive manor with the public. At these events we as well be giving them support, gifts we make and funds to help support the abused women's shelters. If you wish you can make any contributions directly to the lifers group Edmonton Institute for Women."

The address is:

Edonton Institution for Women
11151 - 178 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5S 2H9