In support of prisoners and prison justice activism in Canada
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Joint Effort

Women from the community can come out to share skills and experience with women inside. They can also ensure that their organizations make special effort to ensure that the services they provide not only encompass the needs of, but are welcoming to women who have done time. Funds donated to Joint Effort go directly toward putting on workshops for women on the inside. Joint Effort also accepts donations of items for use in our annual fundraising garage sale (which usually happens in late spring).

Books 2 Prisoners

Donations of books, new and used, are always welcome. Paperbacks are preferred. Contact us to make arrangements.
Books 2 Prisoners needs funds in order to pay for postage to send the books to prisoners and to prison libraries.

Vancouver Prison Justice Day Committee

Donations for the annual PJD memorial rally are always welcome (food, photocopying, sound system, postering skills etc). Each year we take donations at our rally and PJD events and pass along the funds to inside and outside prisoner support groups. In the past we have supported Native Sisterhoods & Brotherhoods, Lifer Groups, prisoner-led HIV/AIDS support groups, Inmate Committees, Claire Culhane Memorial Fund, and other outside grassroots prisoner support initiatives.

Any Monetary donations can be made out to the groups by name and sent to our mailbox.

PO Box 78005, 1755 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5N 5W1

We are unable to provide tax receipts for donations, since we are grassroots organization made up of volunteers and are not a registered charity.

The greatest donation that can be made to the struggle for prisoners' rights is to educate yourself about the issues facing prisoners in Canada... then to act upon this knowledge.

"We can't change prisons without changing society, we know that this is a long and dangerous struggle. But the more who are involved in it, the less dangerous, and the more possible it will be." --Prisoners' Rights Group