World Peace Forum Asia Regional Conference

June 25, 2006, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada





Conference Aims:

The Asia Regional Conference aims to examine key issues in the Asia region (including northeast, southeast and South Asia as well as the Pacific Islands). Among the topics to be explored are regional security issues including US bases, Korean reunification, a nuclear-free Asia, the "war on terror", ballistic missile defence, redress and reconciliation issues, revision of Article 9 (peace clause in Japan's constitution), and others.

We hope to attract anti-war activists from Asia and the Pacific Islands as well as local activists with an interest in the topics we are addressing.


World Peace Forum Asia Regional Conference Program


Featured Speakers:

Roy Miki, Poet, Scholar, and author (Redress. Inside the Japanese Canadian Call for Justice)

Lois Wilson (speech), Retired Canadian Senator and former moderator of the United Church

Kang Jian (speech-English) (speech-Chinese), Attorney-at-law and advocate for victims of war crimes

Su Zhiliang (speech-English) (speech-Chinese), Professor and Dean, Shanghai Teacher's University, Shanghai

Suh Sung, Professor, Law Faculty, Ritsumeikan University

Akihiko Kimijima (speech), Specialist in Japanese Constitution, Ritsumeikan University

Hassan Gardezi (speech), Professor Emeritus, Algoma University College, Ontario

Hiromichi Umebayashi (speech), President, Peace Depot, Yokohama

Hari Sharma, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

Walden Bello, Executive Director of Focus on Global South


The Conference Needs Your Support:

Your organization can be listed as an endorsing organization and help promote the conference. You and your friends can help out as volunteers. Any financial support is most appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. Each pledge will go toward defraying the cost of bringing together a diverse group of world peace activists and scholars from across Asia as well as help make the Conference more accessible to all. Please make your donation cheque / money order payable to "World Peace Forum 2006" Memo: "Donation for Asia Regional Conference" and mail it to the address below.

Contact Information

Asia Regional Conference Coordinator
World Peace Forum 2006
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Vancouver, BC Canada V5Z 1A1
Tel: (604) 374-7057
Fax: 604 687 3277
Email: [email protected]