Vancouver CommunityNet Membership Form.

Please note: this is a membership form and not an application for an account on the CommunityNet system. Filling in this form lets you apply for membership in the CommunityNet.

It does not automatically give you an account on our system! You must apply for an account separately. You don't have to be a member to be a user of our system, and you don't have to be a user of our system to be a member. Preferably we'd like it if you were both, of course, but it's entirely up to you!

If you want an account on our system you must use your computer to dial into the CommunityNet at (604) 638-0189. Or, if your computer is already connected to the Internet, you can telnet to

Once you're connected to the CommunityNet select the second menu item (Using CommunityNet) to take you to the registration area. You must register online electronically before sending in your application to be a user.

Name: ___________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________


City/Town: ______________________________________________

Province: ________________    Postal code: ______________

Phone: ___________________

Enclosed is my:

  [ ]  $25 individual membership fee.
  [ ]  $40 family membership fee.
  [ ]  $15 low-income membership fee.

Second name needed for family membership:


Please send notification of meetings to my:

  [ ]  email
  [ ]  fax
  [ ]  home

I would like to make a donation of:  $__________________

Are you renewing your CommunityNet membership? If so, please
be sure to fill in your address and check the box below
if appropriate.

  [ ]  I have moved; please change my address to the above.

Please make all cheques payable to the Vancouver Community Network. Mail
or bring in your completed form to: 

  The Vancouver Community Network
  411 Dunsmuir Street, 2nd Floor
  Vancouver, BC, V6B 1X4.

Thank you for supporting the CommunityNet!

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