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The Vancouver Community Network
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To the Board of Directors:

I have read and understood the contents of the June 1999 User Agreement and I accept its terms of use of the Vancouver CommunityNet system.

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Signature of my parent or guardian _____________________________
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The Vancouver Community Network works on the honour system. All users who can afford to are expected to pay a minimum of $25 a year, either as a donation or in membership fees. Please note, however, that the VCN will register anyone as a user, even if no money is paid.

The VCN is a registered charitable non-profit society which is supported by the financial contributions of its users and membership. Without adequate funding, the VCN will be unable to continue to provide its service to the Vancouver community.

Becoming a member of the VCN means that you are supporting public access and public content on the information highway. It also means that you can vote at general meetings of the VCN and run for the Board.

A Family membership requires the names of two people, both of whom will have a vote. All user accounts and memberships must be held by individuals or CommunityNet Information Providers.

I would like a year's membership. Enclosed is my:

[ ] $25 individual membership fee.
[ ] $40 family membership fee.
[ ] $15 low-income membership fee.

Second name needed for Family membership:


Please send notification of meetings to my:

[ ] email
[ ] fax
[ ] home

I would like to make a donation of: $__________________

Please make your cheques payable to "The Vancouver Community Network".

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