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David Rousseau
B.EnvDes., B.Arch, M.A.S.A.

David Rousseau is an environmental building design and urban planning consultant. His training is in environmental studies and architecture, including a post-graduate architecture degree combining ecological design, community planning and environmental toxicology. He has over 25 years of practical experience as a designer, building contractor and project manager. His current work is primarily as a specialized consultant for community planning, green building design and guidelines, and incentive programs that have a strong emphasis on resource conservation, healthy communities and healthy buildings.

He is the author of: Your Home, Your Health and Well Being (1987); Environmental by Design (1992); and Healthy by Design (1999) plus many articles and teaching materials on healthy buildings and sustainable design. He is currently lead consultant for several building and community design projects with a strong sustainability emphasis. He also teaches a graduate architecture and community planning seminar called Design With Natural Systems.