Everett Crowley Park, a 40 hectare (100 acre) parcel of land in southeast Vancouver, is a unique place for recreation, nature appreciation, and wildlife habitat in the city.

Located near Kerr Rd. and Marine Way, the park rests on an escarpment and looks out over the North arm of the Fraser River. Nature trails and walking paths offer magnificent views of farms and fields in Richmond, and on a clear day the Gulf Islands and Mount Baker are visible.

This is a now beautiful area of the city that has evolved amidst both the disturbances and positive influences of human activity in a large city. In fact, Everett Crowley Park is Vancouver's 5th largest park, but was Vancouver's main landfill (the Kerr Road dump) from 1944 to 1967.

ALERT! This park needs your help as it faces two new challenges. First, the City of Vancouver will soon launch a long-term management planning process for the park. Click here to learn more about this exciting project, which is something we have been seeking for many years. Secondly, the future of the East Fraserlands area directly south of the park is under discussion right now. Click here to read about the risks and opportunities re: this rezoning application.

ECPC volunteers with plants taken from a local redevelopment project (Summer 1999)

Park dedication 1987;
Mrs. Jean Crowley far left

Butterfly release - Milbert's tortoiseshell (Summer 1998)

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