Prevent Cerebral Palsy & Mental Retardation in YOUR next Baby 
      Brent Rooney, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition, October 2005

    Premature Birth is the Number ONE cause of birth defects (mental
    retardation, CEREBRAL PALSY, blindness, deafness, infection)!

    In 2003 12.3% of U.S. newborn were born PREMATURELY (under 37 weeks)!!

    Caveat: Make no changes affecting your health without a doctor's okay

A.  2005 March of Dimes Award Winner, Prof. Barbara Luke tells you how:

    [picture of Dr. Luke goes here]

 Risk Factors

    b. Every Pregnant Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth. LIBRARY
       may have (order: or

    c. Professor Barbara Luke's wisdom + current research findings:

 [R]elax : listen to relaxation tapes & take magnesium supplements
 [E]xert : moderate exercise (e.g. swimming; ozonated water best)
 [A]void : smoking, booze, drugs, medical X-rays, new silver fillings
 [D]iet  : wholesome unrefined organic food + flax oil, FOLIC ACID, RED
           RASPBERRY LEAF tea, zinc, aqueous iodine, selenium, PROBIOTICS
 [L]eave : your feet & get maternal job leave early in pregnancy
 [U]nload: EXCESS pounds (before conception)
 [K]ill  : INFECTION Before conception; wash hands; avoid promiscuity
 [E]lude : ALL elective womb (baby within) surgery ALWAYS. FULL-term
           pregnancies cut your INFECTION*, Cancer, Suicide risks
 [N]ix   : noise, unfiltered WATER, vaccinations, all stressful events
 [O]mit  : Oral Contraceptives; use SAFE NFP (Natural Family Planning)
 [W]eave : your support Team: HUSBAND, Family, Friends, 'Molly' MIDWIFE

 [* note: an INFECTION at end of your current pregnancy could still
 be active in your next pregnancy, threatening birth defects then also]
 [Above 11 hints were inspired by my reading of Luke's superb 1995 book]

B. Medical giant Dr. Emile Papiernik validates Barbara Luke:

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Luke's book to every pregnant woman and
her family as the "best medicine" to help ensure a healthy pregnancy."

   Dr. Emile Papiernik (France) is the M.D. who headed a French program
   that cut the French preterm birth rate by 52% between 1972 & 1989. The
   U.S. 'preemie' rate rose 31% from 9.4% in 1981 to 12.3% in 2003.

C. Married Women: 1/2 the risk of being smokers & lower 'preemie' risk

   Medical science clearly supports that married women lead healthier
   lives than those never married. 'End of Story'.  So, before
   your 'better baby' is even conceived, do everyone a favor by being
   married to a GOOD man (who is healthy and faithful to YOU).

D. Before conception: a thorough & competent medical exam for you & hubby

   If this exam indicates that one or both of you are not healthy
   in any major aspect, then it is reasonable to not conceive until
   both of you become fully healthy.

E. Your best helper: 'Molly' the Midwife

   [following presumes that your pregnancy is likely not high risk]

   A GOOD midwife cuts prematurity risk. Hire 'Molly' before conception;
   she gives helpful advice in the areas of diet, exercise, lifestyles
   issues, etc.  'Molly' = excellent value for the money. 'Molly' is part
   of your 'better baby insurance policy'. A good doctor of MFM (Maternal-
   Fetal Medicine) may also be part of your 'better baby' team.

   Two of many references showing that midwives improve birth outcomes

    1. M MacDorman, J Epidemiology & Community Health, 1998;52:310-317
    2. TA Wiegers, European J Obstetrics & Gynecology, 1998;79:139-141

F. A very controversial topic: ETOPs

   Dr. Emile Papiernik was co-author of a 2004 study that involved women
   in 10 European countries (Italy, Germany, etc.).  Its main finding
   about VPB (Very Premature Birth; birth under 33 weeks' gestation):

   exactly 1 prior ETOP* boosted relative VPB odds by 34%
   2 or more prior ETOPs* raised relative VPB odds by 82%

    3. Ancel, Papiernik, et al., Human Reproduction 2004;19(3):734-740.

[* ETOP: Elective Termination Of Pregnancy ("a woman's right to choose")
; ETOPs boost INFECTION risk, an accepted  Cerebral Palsy risk; ETOPs
raise INCOMPETENT CERVIX odds, an accepted Cerebral Palsy risk]

G. Prevent Birth Defects information on the Web: [covers 60 risk factors]  [avoiding elective surgery]

   email: Brent Rooney For a FULL article
   email me with the subject line of 'better baby'.  BOOKS:
   Every Pregnant Woman's Guide to Preventing Premature Birth (B. Luke)
   Pregnancy & Childbirth Tips (Gail Dahl)
   ANY book by Dr. Zoltan Rona (Return to the Joy of Health etc.)
   Probiotics (Natasha Trenev) [PROBIOTICS suppress 'bad' micro-organisms]

H.  Brent Rooney published articles & letters 

[* ETOPs: yearly U.S./Canadian families with infants inflicted with BIRTH
DEFECTS sue doctors; fewer ETOPs deflate doctors' LEGAL LIABILITY] 

Brent Rooney -Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition-  British Columbia, Canada

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