Keep 'Roe v Wade' legal Contest

Press Release from RPRC (Reduce Preterm Risk Cltn.) 7 March 2006

 Keep 'Roe v Wade' legal Contest (with a $10,000 prize)

   There is a large 'loophole' in the  22 Jan. 1973 'Roe v Wade'
U.S.  Supreme Court decision  making  elective abortion 'legal';
This same loophole applies to the Canadian 'Morgentaler' ruling.
Elective 'terminations' that are not in a  patient's best inter-
est are still not legal! 'So what', since abortions are 'safe'?
In 1997 the top  Scandinavian journal  in the  field of women's
health reported that in the 12 months after an induced abortion,
such women had 252% higher relative TOTAL risk of dying compared
to women who delivered. (Acta Obstet Gyn Scand 1997;76:651-657)
This study must be countered with a study showing significantly
lower total one year death risk to women who have abortions com-
pared to  women who  delivered.  If we knew of such a study, we
would not be holding this contest.

The $10,000 contest ("Keep 'Roe v Wade' legal") in brief:

 Amount:     $10,000 (U.S.) or 10 one ounce gold coins (Canadian
             Maple Leafs); the winner chooses all cash or all coins

 Who Wins:   The FIRST (there can only be ONE (1) winner) person
             to mail RPRC a copy of a significant  study showing
             lower 12 month TOTAL death risk for U.S. women with
             elective abortions compared to women who carried to
             term;  (the study must be in the English language)
             EMAIL entries will NOT be accepted.

 Offered by: RPRC (Reduce Preterm Risk Cltn.)
             3456 Dunbar St. (146)
             Vancouver, Canada  V6S 2C2

 Deadline for
 entries:    22 January 2007 (34th anniversary of 'Roe v Wade')

 details:    See the Appendix to this press release for details
             (Contest rules at: )

   If, indeed, elective 'terminations' of pregnancy protect women's
health, let's help keep this procedure safe and legal. This contest
is 'for real' and a winner, if a copy of a valid study meeting  the
criteria set out in the Appendix is received by RPRC before 22 January
2007, will receive his/her $10,000 (U.S.) first (and only) prize.


Appendix: Contest Rules for the "Keep 'Roe v Wade' legal Contest"
                                               7 March 2006

 1. Prize amount: $10,000 (U.S.) to the FIRST person to provide
    RPRC with a copy of the required study; there can only be
    one winner.

 2. Eligibility: Any citizen of any country over the age of
    18 years.

 3. All decisions by RPRC judges are FINAL.

 4. The study must adhere to the following criteria:

    a. Achieved statistical significance in finding lower ALL-CAUSE
       (i.e. TOTAL) death risk for United States women  with  legal
       elective  abortions compared to women who  delivered newborn
       in the TWELVE months after 'the end of pregnancy'.

    b. Was published in a peer-reviewed ENGLISH language medical
       journal after Jan. 22, 1980 and before Jan. 22, 2002.

    c. Must not have later had its finding of significantly lower
       death risk retracted by one or more of the study's authors or
       by the journal in which the study was first published.

    d. Must not exclude any death category. E.G. 'maternal mortality'
       studies that exclude deaths via accidents, homicide, suicide,
       or cancer are NOT ALL-CAUSE death studies and are not eligible.

    e. Design of study: must have used a registry of induced abortions
       to ascertain whether women had elective abortions; (New York
       state has such a registry and thus, such a study could have
       been done there).  Also, must have at least 250,000 subjects
       in the study; (the 1997 study of Finnish women had well over
       500,000 women subjects in it).

 5. Tie entries

    If more than one entry satisfies the criteria for the winning
    entry (see points 2-4 above) and the  postmarks have the same
    date, a random  draw of those entries will  determine the ONE
    winner.  Assuming  that there is no such 'tie', the  earliest
    postmarked entry meeting all the criteria wins. There is only
    one prize and the maximum number of winners is ONE (!).

 6. All letters sent to RPRC become the property of RPRC and will
    not be returned.


RPRC (Reduce Preterm Risk Cltn.)
3456 Dunbar St. (146)
Vancouver, Canada
V6S 2C2