WALLS (Win Abortion Liability Law Suit) Bulletins

 WALLS #01 Dr. Kaye cleared in CP law suit
 WALLS #02 Winning ACP law suits, Part I 
 WALLS #03 Winning ACP law suits, Part II 
 WALLS #04 Winning ACP law suits, Part III 

 Avoid Birth Defects in YOUR next baby
 Abortion & Cerebral Palsy - Washington Times
 Texans warned about Abortion-Cerebral Palsy 
 $5000 reward to 'prove' abortion is 'safe' 
 Prof. B. Luke & the Abortion-Preemie risk
 Abortion 'safety' HOAX kills over 16,000 
 Abortion Boosts Death Risk 252%
 How to Reduce 'Preemie' risk 
 'Preemie' risk in British Medical Journal 
 Breast Cancer: How to slash your risk 
 Significant studies of abortion/prematurity 
 Is Cerebral Palsy Ever a 'Choice'? 
 Is Elective Abortion Medical Quackery? 
 Abortion Boosts Cerebral Palsy risk (EJOGRB) 
 Abortion -> breast cancer + 'preemies' (WJM) 
 Medical Brief for Abortion/Prematurity
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