System Operations and Maintenance  
Acronyms, Codes, Terms and Definitions
Channel Frequency and Description  
1 - One 410.2875Mhz - Mainline One (Expo 999) Repeater  
2 - Two 410.0625Mhz - Mainline Two (Millennium 996) Repeater  
3 - Three 410.4875Mhz - Maintenance and Back-up Repeater  
5 - Five 408.5125Mhz - Yard Control Simplex Frequency  
Future FUTURE  
Emergency Codes  
Code Definition/Description  
ALPHA Police  
BRAVO Suspicious package or bomb threat  
CHARLIE Collision  
CONTROL NET Only staff directly involved in the emergency can commincate on radios.  
DELTA Derailment
ECHO Ambulance
GREEN Clear of emergency
INDIA Human contact with train
RED Confirmed
TANGO Unauthorized entry into guideway
WHISKEY KILO Weapon, Knife
YELLOW Unconfirmed
Train Fault Codes 
Fault Code Definition and/or Description
FC1 Motion obstructed/brake
FC2 Fire/smoke detected; problem with detectors
FC3 37 v dc. problems
FC4 VOBC timed out
FC5 Brake or BAMS problems
FC6 Propulsion problems
FC7 VOBC halted
FC8 Train overspeed
FC9 Target point overshoot
FC10 Rollback
FC11 VOBC fault
FC12 Couple/uncouple rejected
FC13 Doors fail to open/close  
FC14 Failure to get door status in station
FC15 Loss of door status outside of station  
Acronyms and Jargon  
Acronym Definition and/or Description  
996 SkyTrain Mainline Two - Millennium  
997 WCE - West Coast Express  
998 SeaBus  
999 SkyTrain Mainline One - Expo  
AARU Automatic Assured Receptivity Unit  
APS Auxillary Power Supply  
ART Advanced Rapid Transit  
ATC Automatic Train Control  
BAM Brake Assurance Monitor  
BCEU Brake Control Electronic Unit  
BCRTC British Columbia Rapid Transit Company, a subsidiary of TransLink responsible for the operation and maintenance of SkyTrain.  
BLS Blue Lighting System  
BO Bad Order
BOGIE A wheeled undercarriage pivoted below the end of a rail    
vehicle. Sometimes referred to as the truck.  
BOT Bad Order Track  
CB Coffee Break  
CESS Central Emergency Stop System  
CIS Control Insulator Section  
ComSet Communications Set  
COS Control Supervisor  
Crew Train Train(s) that run behind the last revenue service train for    
the purpose of collecting Operations employees.  
CS Coupler Status  
DCA Designated Coupling/uncoupling Area  
DCCB Direct Current Circuit Breaker  
DC Direct Crossover or Dual Contol track switch  
Dead Head A moving train without passengers during revenue operation. Usually moving to or from the yards, a terminus station or a pocket.  
Dwell The Dwell Time is the time from the second the train applies the disc brakes and opens the doors to the second the doors close and the disc brakes are released. The time the train sits in the station allowing passengers to disembark and board.  
EAT Emergency Access Track  
EB Emergency Brake  
ECB Electronic Control Bin  
EEC Emergency Equipment Cabinet  
EER Electrical Equipment Room  
EMO Emergency Manual Operation  
EMTB Emergency Magnetic Track Brakes  
EZ Electrical Zone  
FC Fault Code or Category  
FCP Fire Fighters Command Post  
FID Feed-in Device  
FOCS Fibre Optic Communication System  
FP (1) Frog Point Switch  
FP (2) Fouling Point - A fouling point is the last possible section on a track that you can be on before having a risk of being hit by another train traversing the switch.
GIDS Guideway Intrusion Detection System  
GIES Guideway Intrusion Emergency Stop  
GIMS Guideway Intrusion Monitoring System  
GREEN PLUG Procedure conducted by field staff to correct a disturbed or faulty switch.  
GVTA Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority; the legal  
name for TransLink.  
HMP Health Monitor Panel  
HMU Health Monitor Unit  
Hot Lunch Vomit  
HPM Health Performance Monitor  
HPU Hydraulic Power Unit  
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning  
Hunting Descriptor to be added  
IANS Integrated Alarm Notification System  
I/B Inbound track (west bound)  
ICTS Intermediate Capacity Transportation System  
LIM Linear Inductor Motor  
ML1 Mainline One - Expo (999)
ML2 Mainline Two - Millennium (996)  
MKI Mark 1; the first generation SkyTrain vehicle operates in  
two, four or six car configurations.
MKII Mark 2; the second generation SkyTrain vehicle  
operates in two, three (future), four or five (future) car
MBATC Moving Block Automatic Train Control; developed by  
Alcatel it allows for continuous real-time control
and tracking of trains.
MHA Mental Health Act  
MOG Maintenance Vehicle on the Guideway or Machine on the Guideway.  
MOW Maintenance-Of-Way  
Nosing Descriptor to be added  
O/B Outbound track (east bound)  
OMC Operations and Maintenance Center  
OP Occupancy Permit  
PAA Passenger Assistance Alarm
PCU Power Conversion Unit  
PIES Platform Intrusion Emergency System (Stop)  
PIP Passenger Intercom Panel  
PLEDS Platform Light Emitting Diode Sign  
Pocket Sections of track on the mainline used to park trains  
PPCS Propulsion Power Cut-off Switch  
PTE Permission to Enter  
RE Re-Entry or Re-Entry Point; If a train has 'timed out'                  
(is lost by the VCC), then an STA must drive the
train over the re-entry point at a steady velocity for
the system to pick it up again.
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition  
SCS Switch Control System  
SCU Switch Control Unit  
SESP Station Emergency Stop Processor  
SESS Sation Emergency Stop System  
Sleeper Someone sleeping on the train.  
SMC System Management Center  
STA SkyTrain Attendant  
T and C Testing and Commissioning  
TIES Track Intrusion Emergency Stop; an alternate version of                  
the PIES in use exclusively on the Millennium Line
and at Stadium's third platform or pocket. It makes
use of a laser to detect an unauthorized entry into the
TO Time Out; train loses communication with VCC  
TLR Train Line Reset - Resetting all VOBCs on the line  
TLTS TransLink Transit Security  
Tool Box Safety meeting for staff  
TP Transit Police
Track Section A unique, numbered section of track that is approximately 25 meters in length. Track sections are how the MBATC system keeps track of the location and velocity of trains.  
Train Line Reset Resetting all VOBCs  
TRIMS Train Radio Information System  
TVM Ticket Vending Machine  
TVS Tunnel Ventilation System  
TZ Transition Zone (track)  
UA Unattended  
UTDC Urban Transportation Development Corporation  
VCIF Vehicle Cleaning and Inspection Facility  
VIP Visually Impaired Person / Special Needs Person  
VOBC Vehicle On Board Computer  
VRS Vehicle Radio System  
VVAU Vehicle Voice Annoucement Unit (Big Mouth)  
WT Wash Track  
YRA Yard Run Around  
ZULU Bathroom Break  
Station IDs Ascending Alphabetical  
Station ID Station Name  
BD Braid  
BR Brentwood Town Centre  
BU Burrard  
BW Broadway  
CM Commercial Drive  
CO Columbia  
ED Edmonds  
GM Gilmore  
GV Granville  
GW Gateway  
HO Holdom  
JY Joyce - Collingwood  
KG King George  
LC Lake City  
LH Lougheed Town Centre  
MN Main Street - Science World  
MT MetroTown  
NA Nanaimo  
NW New Westminster  
PW Production Way - University  
RE Renfrew  
RO Royal Oak  
RU Rupert  
SA Sapperton  
SC Surrey Central  
SP Sperling - Burnaby Lake  
SR Scott Road  
ST Stadium - Chinatown  
TN 29th Avenue  
TS 22nd Street  
WF Waterfront  
Station IDs Mainline One Expo 999 O/B  
ID Name StS m StS s Total O/B m Total I/B m  
WF Waterfront 0 0 0   39    
BU Burrard 2 120 2   37    
GV Granville 1 60 3   36    
ST Stadium - Chinatown 1 60 4   33    
MN Main Street - Science World 2 120 6   30    
BW Broadway 3 180 9   29    
NA Nanaimo 3 180 12   25    
TN 29th Avenue 1 60 13   23    
JY Joyce - Collingwood 2 120 15   20    
PT Patterson 2 120 17   18    
MT MetroTown 1 60 18   17    
RO Royal Oak 2 120 20   15    
ED Edmonds 3 180 23   13    
TS 22nd Street 2 120 25   12    
NW New Westminster 4 240 29   9    
CO Columbia 1 60 30   6    
SR Scott Road 3 180 33   4    
GW Gateway 3 180 36   3    
SC Surrey Central 1 60 37   2    
KG King George 2 120 39   0    
Station IDs Mainline Two Millennium 996 O/B  
ID Name StS m StS s Total O/B m Total I/B m  
CM Commercial Drive 0 0 0   26    
RE Renfrew 3 180 3   23    
RU Rupert 1 60 4   22    
GM Gilmore 3 180 7   19    
BR Brentwood Town Centre 1 60 8   18    
HO Holdom 2 120 10   16    
SP Sperling - Burnaby Lake 2 120 12   14    
LC Lake City 2 120 14   12    
PW Production Way - University 2 120 16   10    
LH Lougheed 2 120 18   8    
BD Braid 3 180 21   5    
SA Sapperton 2 120 23   3    
CO Columbia 3 180 26   0