Labour Committee of the Organizing Centre

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Started in 2008, the Labour Committee of the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice is a grass roots endeavour to organize workers. Our work is inspired by worker’s centres and labour organizing in the US and in the Philippines.

We organize the lowest paid, most marginalized sectors of workers, namely women and immigrant communities in the service sector, construction, and on the assembly line.

We see this as the best way to challenge the neoliberal agenda of privatization, de-regulation, and liberalization.

We organize within the following framework and principles:

Dual power

Giving a process of getting your rights outside the state mechanism; building people power.

Communities of Resistance

Having people come together and share their experiences and participate in Organizing Centre events.

Creating a place where people feel comfortable and have the support of a community giving them the power to resist within their workplace.

Finding collective solutions to personal problems; collectivizing the issue.


Building a worker led committee.

There are no liberators, the people liberate themselves.

Organize workers to fight back for their rights.

Anti-imperialist, internationalist perspective

Hold both parties accountable for the neo-liberal push to deregulate labour and privatize public services.

Link to, and build inspiration from workers’ movements in oppressed nations – EG: Philippines, Mexico.

Flexibility to work outside of the legal framework that Unions work within

Not tied to contracts or legal restrictions that unions face.

Able to organize unemployed workers and entire families/communities– challenge division between unemployed workers and poor workers that benefits the capitalist class (people move between categories depending on life circumstances)