About Us

What is the Organizing Centre?

The Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice is a grouping of organizations and organizers working locally and internationally for social and economic justice. 

The Situation…

We are confronted by a world economic and social system (imperialism) which creates war, poverty, environmental destruction and increasing hardship for the vast majority while concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a small elite. Only by organizing and building people power in our communities and workplaces can we achieve a better world for all based on social and economic justice, equality, solidarity and participation.

The Organizing Centre Strategy…

…create a space where people can come together to share, study and understand the structural nature of the oppression and exploitation we experience in our everyday lives. 

…develop strategies to address the problems of poverty, stress, alienation and violence in our communities through community projects based on solidarity, participation and mutual aid. 

…wage campaigns that confront the bosses, landlords and government and address the root causes of the oppression, exploitation and violence that we see in our communities. 

…train new social justice leaders and build the leadership of working class women, Indigenous people and people of colour within our movement. 

…link with other organizations and movements struggling for economic and social justice locally and internationally.