Michael Tora Speier's life & art background:

Sky and branches, roots and landscape—personal journeys on earth and in the imagination inspire Michael's abundantly artistic natural world of creation.

Since a 1960s flower-childhood, he has been on a creative roll...

as an adult he has painted many diverse and vibrant works: huge eroding figures on paper, bright pond awakenings, whimsical illustrations of an Edo period Japanese myth made contemporary, and eighty-eight intimate mini scrolls telling of curious travel.

Samples of these series of art works appear online through the Nectarine River Gallery website. More works can be viewed upon request via email.

Adding to an indepth inventory of his original art, Michael's entire painted studio collection is now going to full color archival print on museum quality paper (see F.A.Q. for archival printing process). This selection offers some of the finest and uniquely expressive works in the collection. As well, Nectarine River Gallery will grow over time to include many of Michael's innovative art and design projects, writings and endeavors both past and future, so please visit again soon…

Michael Tora Speier is a west coast North American artist, born in California, raised in Vancouver BC, of Jewish and Japanese ancestry. He studied fine art at the University of British Columbia and has painted the world around him around the world. For more information or to receive an CV please contact him via email: [email protected]


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