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Operating Instructions No. 7 Issued November 1935 (Revised 2007)
NOTE: The Project Graybook Student Guide  starts @ 7.22.0

When members put up websites showing monads and using the word Technocracy on the home page they are in effect speaking and writing for our Organization and therefore should comply with the bylaws, general regulations, operating instructions for speakers and for writers. It is not the duty of CHQ to lead the membership as there are no leaders or followers in Technocracy Inc. The members are supposed to be self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals who understand the design and are guided by the aforementioned documents. When ex-members put up such web sites they need not comply with the bylaws or general regulations however if they purport to be writing and speaking on behalf or the Organization they ought to at least comply with the guide for speakers and the guide for writers. These operating instructions were left by the founders so that those who carry on their work would do it as they intended. MOST IF NOT ALL of the problems associated with presenting the work of the technical alliance on the internet could be avoided by simply using these guides. If we are to repair the damage done to our image then compliance with these guides is the place to begin.


Guide for Writers

Part I:


7.0.0 The building of this Organization depends that it's members be articulate. It is the function of the Section publications Committee to facilitate the training of members in the use of the written word.

7.0.1 Training May be carried out in special writers classes which deal with the elementary factors of writing technique, but which are primarily concerned with the accurate presentation of Technocracy's work via the written word. Training should not be academic but is to take the form of immediate practical experience in,
items for Section bulletins,
special correspondence to contacts,
radio scripts,
articles for Technocracy magazines.

Part II:


7.2.0 Taboos
Writers will refrain from using the terms capitalism, and profit system for Price System: erroneous clichés, such as history repeats
7.0.1 radical terminology, such as bourgeoisie, proletariat, exploitation, working class, class struggle, bosses, workers;
7.0.2 moralistic terms, concepts and valuations, such as justice, right, wrong, ought to, should, liberty. freedom, equality, natural rights, mind, soul, spirit;
7.0.3 Price system economist labels, such as plan of plenty, law of supply and demand, law of diminishing returns, niggardliness of nature, production for use and not for profit.

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7.1.0 Approach
The analyses of all problems will be on the basis of function rather than a priori philosophic concepts. Facts are desired, and the conclusions which follow validly from the facts. No subjective premises are to be used; all reasoning must be objective. Positive statements should be made as opposed to negative. ALL facts and statements presented _must_ be verifiable from authentic sources.

7.2.0 Emphasis is to be placed on the work of the technologist rather than that of the engineer. Maintain an attitude of respect for the specialized activities of scientists, technologist, and the entire array of the functionally competent; and contempt for those of Price System economists, financiers, promoters, politicians, liberals, radicals, and social planners.

7.3.0 Analysis of human beings will be made only on their ability to perform. Moral blame should never be cast on individuals or groups of individuals for their actions. It will always be remembered that environment and conditioning cause people to act as they do.

7.2.1 Preserve an attitude of cool and detached dignity, without emotionalizing, and without indulgence in personalities.

7.2.2 Always implied will be the impression that Technocracy is not merely possible, but inevitable.

Fundamental to the correct approach is this:

7.2.3 That we are NOT proposing to over-throw the Price System, but are instead only building our own Organization and instructing the public, content with the knowledge that circumstances will eventually force America to adopt the scientific Organization of the North American Continent; and if the American people are properly informed, the transition will be achieved with the minimum of social disturbance.

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7.2.4 Also fundamental is that all of our basic social paradoxes (such as poverty in the midst of plenty) are _direct and necessary consequences of the Price System, and--the corollary--that these paradoxes can be eliminated ONLY by the installation of a NON-Price System.

A brief summation is:

7.2.5 It IS possible with our present knowledge to give to EVERY inhabitant of the North American Continent the highest standard of living that the world has ever known.

7.2.6 Since there is no virtue in labor as such, this standard of living can be attained with less, rather than more, nor by the employment of processes as automatic as can be devised. This must be done with minimum wastage of non-replaceable resources; and it can be done only by the social organization and system of distribution expressly designed to meet the requirements of a high-energy civilization--which is Technocracy the design.

Part III:


7.3.0 Technocracy magazine
articles of the types as listed in Part IV. Short, factual, informative, stimulating, or ironic items for use as fillers.
Strings of three or more pithy paragraph quotations from prominent men who either utter nonsense or make statements parallel with the findings and conclusions of Technocracy. Writers will query CHQ before attempting special articles for Technocracy.

7.4.0 Magazines
a Articles most needed are those of the types used by Technocracy (listed in Part iv). The range of variation of types, however, is greater. Almost anything that is pertinent to the movement will be authorized: history, lessons in science, short, stimulating editorials, pungent paragraphs, reviews of scientific, economic, and sociological books, brief comments, and local Organization news. Much material of item length is used. It is urged that articles which just fall short of acceptance by Technocracy be submitted to these magazines. They circulate widely, and grow each month in influence.

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7.5.0 Section Bulletins
The publication of a mimeographed Section bulletin will provide excellent training in the writing of concise, reportorial dispatches. a necessary achievement of all Technocracy writers.

7.6.0 Books and leaflets and pamphlets of Technocracy Inc. will be published only by CHQ. indubitably many of these will originate in the Field. A tremendously wide scope is offered, but writings of major consequence should be attempted only by those well grounded in the findings, conclusions, and design of Technocracy. Writers will always consult the Division of publications, CHQ., prior to attempting authoring of books or pamphlets. Possible waste of time and effort may thus be avoided.

7.7.0 Non-Technocracy Publications
The submission of articles to magazines outside is encouraged. It is always preferable that those refer to Technocracy by name. Only in rare instances can mere implication be effective.

7.8.0 Newspapers
In almost all localities there are weekly and bi-weekly newspapers, trade journals, house organs, and labor publications. These, with the standard give-away suburban newspapers provide a source of publicity that can rise to a tremendous aggregate volume. In most instances the editors welcome fresh copy. These papers and magazines may be supplied with either specifically written material or official literature. In all instances the authorization of CHQ is required. These publications provide an immense field for writing.

7.9.0 Letters-to-the-Editor:
The cordiality of newspapers to letters on Technocracy is increasing. A great many people see those that appear, and this is of definite use as public instruction and publicity. Direct mention of Technocracy will always be embodied in the letter. This activity is particularly recommended to beginning writers.

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7.10.0 Supplying literature to Contacts
Sections will receive an increasing number of letters desiring information on Technocracy. Where it is not possible to have the New Membership Committee visit these contacts personally, the Publications Committee or writers class may cooperate with the New Membership Committee to their mutual advantage in the preparation of letters to these contacts.

Part IV:

Types of Material for Magazines

7.11.0 Articles in the editorial style commenting on significant events and developments, governmental, financial, industrial, agricultural in the current scene, and perhaps bringing out ironical aspects.

7.12.0 Factual articles dealing with material of social and economic significance and containing, usually, statistical data from the United States Census and other authoritative sources which may be quoted.

7.13.0 Articles dealing with sociological matters that expose the ironies and futility's of present social-control techniques.

7.14.0 Articles dealing with current financial and political maneuvers ostensibly for one purpose, but actually for some other entirely different, and explaining in all cases the tricks involved.

7.15.0 Articles disclosing specific technological advances in various industries with emphasis on the change in man-hours entailed and similar features.

7.16.0 Articles dealing with industrial development in various countries and their reaction upon world trade.

7.17.0 Articles dealing with the natural resources of North America and showing how their quantities, distribution, and affect the operation of the Continent.

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7.18.0 Articles showing the inadequacy of European and Asiatic political philosophies, such as fascism and communism, applicable to North America.
7.19.0 Articles emphasizing Technocracy anti-fascist position.
7.20.0 Articles featuring Technocracy's proposals for Continental defense, of which *Total Conscription* is a major requirement.

Part V:

The Preparation of Manuscripts
7.21.0 All manuscripts must be type written, double spaced, on one side only of white paper 8.5 x 11 inches in size and not too light in weight. Manuscripts must net be typed in solid capital letters. Pages are to be numbered in the upper right-hand corner. Not less than one inch of margin is to be left on all sides. The first line of paragraphs is to be indented.

7.21.1 The first page will bear in the upper left-hand corner the name and address of the writer, and in the upper right-hand corner the estimated number of words. The title will be placed half-way down the page, the by-line (authors name or pseudonym) beneath, and the start of the article has a open space beneath that.

7.21.2 Items of a paragraph or two are preferably submitted one to a page.

7.21.3 A carbon copy of manuscripts is to be made, and kept by the author for reference.


7.22.0 educators addenda:  There are NO leaders in Project Graybook we are a self disciplined membership Organization guided by the operating instructions and the various guides of the scientist founders. It is expected that all members of Project Graybook will become familiar with both the guide for writers and guide for speakers.

7.22.1 educators addenda:  Note to members: any and all postings critical of fellow members ARE OUT OF PLACE on any Project Graybook blog / discussion list / chat room. Offenders WILL be moved to another discussion list, without notice or recourse! When your fellows go wrong in regard to Technocratic methodology, kindly refer them to the part of this material which pertains to their slip-up and without comment. Let them and others read for themselves where the mistake was made. In Project Graybook we will foster goodwill and friendship. Many members have been isolated over the years and have continued to be Technocrats, alone and lonely in a society where as A. Einstein put it; the intelligence of the common man is very low. E-mailing will allow us to re-group and present Technocracy's work on a scale even greater than was done in the 1930s

7.22.1 educators addenda:TBA

7.22.2 educators addenda:TBA

7.22.3 educators addenda:TBA

7.22.4 educators addenda: TBA

7.22.5 educators addenda: TBA

As public awareness of the need to re-design and re-build our social system rather than trying to repair it grows we find that new people are investigating the design via the internet in ever increasing numbers. Let us show them we are a tight supportive group who understand both the requirements of Technology and how to achieve a civilization worthy of the intelligence of human kind.


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