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Features of the on line study course project:

Much debating has gone on over the years as to the wisdom of updating the scientist founders 22 lesson study course.


One point of view is that as the public have been well conditioned by Madison avenue to expect & desire the “new improved – latest version” of everything this results in some of the people who come across our design to dismiss it as being out of date and most likely no longer applicable to the social scene as it is now-a-days.  Some members have been temped to cater to those of this mind set and produce their own versions of the 22 lesson study course.   No satisfactory progress has been made by the side that wants the updating due to not being able to reach consensus as to what changes are to be made and it just would not do to have the changes made by any one person. Bear in mind no matter who says so and regardless of where you get it none of these shortened versions are official in the sense that they properly represent the work of the scientist founders. NONE!

On the other side of the debate are those who strongly feel that the work of the scientist-founders are sacrosanct and must be presented as they were written.

The updating solution:

as each lesson is in a separate .html file each lesson can be customized by anyone familiar with html coding or those who have one of the many html editing programs as they go through the course. The recommended way to update / personalize the lessons is by placing links at the bottom of each lesson. NOTE: if the links are NOT placed right into the lessons text it would be best otherwise readers may not return to the lesson at the place where the link took them away if at all.


IE: One lesson describes the demographics of the U.S. of A. as it was in the 1930s. If a hypertext link was placed at the bottom of the lesson that would take the reader to a www location where current demographic data could be had then the need to alter any of the founders text to provide up-to-date figures would not exist. Also, links to documents that are pertinent to the lesson, videos, personal comments, can also be placed at the bottom. Note: personal comments should be labeled as such to avoid ones own trip being mushed in with the founders words.


Upon completion of the on line course those who wanted an updated lesson would have it and those who wanted the founders lessons unaltered would also have that, thusly those on both sides of the great update debate gets what they want; debate ended.


Another nice feature of this the first on line study course is that each participant will end up with a personalized custom version of the study course one they will be proud to pass on to those who have no knowledge of Technocracys work or to those who have corrupt impressions of the work of Technocracy Inc. from non-technocratic sources.



So is the design really still usable? YES

As far as the validity of the social design goes the need to adopt a method of social operation such as the one depicted in the study course is based upon social trends many of which are uni-directional and irreversible. Once the initial research was done and the trends established all that is required thereafter to assure that the design is valid now-a-days is to monitor the trends and see that they are still in effect. This has and is being done by our Organization and yes the social design is still valid in 2010.


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