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Lesson One

Social activists take note

We urge anyone who has reached the conclusion that our moribund social system CANNOT BE FIXED that it must be replaced and is involved actively in a social change group to join the online study course project and also encourage their membership to do likewise. As for those who cling to the idea that enough lasting changes can be made to the present way of social operation, well… ..

The founders of the Organization put together this course of study and putting it simply time has shown that gaining a thorough understanding of the Technological Social Design will NOT be achieved without going over ALL the lessons.

Many people skip past the first ten lessons, some have the notion that  reading a synoptic based upon only a few of the lessons will suffice and this may be so for those who just want a general idea of what is about to happen to our social system in the near future which is fine but if a person wants to be active in guiding those who shape our common destinies via the North America Union programs or their fellows citizens during the inevitable move towards continentalism this will just not do, they must go over all the lessons.

Guide to the technocratic significance of the first ten lessons.

With a well defined understanding of the Technocratic significance of these first ten lessons people will find the succeeding lessons sufficiently self explanatory. Technocracy is the science of social engineering hence an appreciation of science as a whole must be gained through the study of the rudiments of science, together with an understanding of the significance of each lesson in relation to the operation of a functional control system for our unified Continent.

Reasons for preliminary study of rudiments of science

It is necessary to familiarize one's self with the terminology of science in order to clearly understand the literature of Technocracy and to explain and interrupt for others whom we expect to interest in the subject.

Preparations for proper discipline must begin with the discipline of the mind. This can only be accomplished by learning how to refuse to be guided by appearances and impressions and to demand guidance by facts and demonstrations. Our lesson course provides the means whereby such mental discipline may be attained.

Since Technocracy is a functional control system it is concerned with function first last and always. Therefore we study the materials and forces from which all functional activities result and learn to think in terms of function the important objective of the primary portion of the lesson course, the foundation of which is laid in the introduction to science.

Lesson 1

What have the structure of matter and the elements to do with Technocracy?

Since human beings are material beings living upon a material world we are dependent upon matter and the use of matter in all it's various forms for the continuation of our physical existence.

Our material advancement and improvement are dependent upon improved methods of ever greater efficiency in dealing with matter and for the continuation of our existence.

Chemistry has played a great part in the advancement of technology hence even a bare table of the elements enables us more easily to understand the work of the chemist and the technologist.

Endeavor to fix firmly and clearly in your mind the following fact; Technocracy the system of functional control will provide NO means for political OR financial control. This system is based upon physical operation of a physical world and necessitates an understanding from the very beginning the physical conditions.


Lesson 2

What has the consideration of mass force work and power to do with Technocracy?

The key to the Technocratic significant of this lesson lies in this fact, all work done or all matter moved is the result of the application of force to mass.

in other words, all physical operations or physical functioning must originate in the application of force to mass.

a] Growth of plants heat and chemical energy force applied to plant cells.
b] Tides.
c] Muscular exertion.
d] Movement of machinery etc.

Note that in the lesson we begin with the consideration of measurement force, mass, work and all can be measured in fact must be measured before any meaningful control of technology process can be applied. thus similar measurements can be made of the energy flow in the various parts of a social system to apply accurate controls over the operations of the entire social structure.

The measurements indicated in this lesson are _essential_ to an understanding of and are fundamental to Technocracy's major premise "all the phenomena involved in the operation of a social mechanism are metrical or measurable." Remember the premise or postulate, every lesson is directly related to it.

Lesson 3

What is the significance of this lesson in relation to Technocracy?

Energy costs per capita of transportation, education, entertainment, communications and military functions. appear not at all to be closely related but are never the less and directly comparable on an energy cost basis.

Why does science prefer the Metric to the English system? Because scientific measurements should be in either fundamental or derived units.

What kind of unit is a second, a meter, a gram, a calorie, and why are they convenient units of measurement? Are they fundamental, derived or arbitrary units?

Metrical measurements composed of essentially fundamental or derived units are convenient for purposes of technologically controlled operations of a Technate or a technologically administrated state.

Lesson 4

What do the laws of thermodynamics have to do with social engineering?

These laws apply to measurements of both upper and lower limits of energy consumption by any mechanism. Either a steam engine or a social mechanism must have both. There is also a maximum limit beyond which the mechanism cannot operate, as it either chokes or breaks up. The price system is moving towards both limits, converting more and more energy toward both limits, converting more and more energy at an ever accelerating rate, while at the same time interfering with delivery of energy to an expanding section of the social mechanism. The most probable result -- break down of the mechanism.

The rate of increase of knowledge of the use of Thermodynamics has been greater since about 1900 than throughout all history. Heat is energy. In ancient times a man who could move or carry fire from one place to another became a legendary hero. Within the last generation or two, we have learned to transport heat, as electric current, most any distance, any direction, and deliver it in any desired intensity. Scarcity of energy converted into us forms cannot be maintained in the face of such procedure.

Lesson 5

We have considered in Lesson 5 different types of engines from the oldest to the newest. and their differing rates of efficiency

The unidirectional trend of development of all energy converting devices. towards greater efficiency and lower physical cost will be greatly accelerated in a Technate or Technological administration. Operating considerations of physical cost, first, cost of a process in non-current resources, second cost in terms of energy consequently , the tendency will be to develop along the lines of hydro-electrical generation , and solar energy concentrators , decreasing the use of mineral or fossil fuels , and an increasing use in construction of compositions of fibers, glass and aluminum in preference to rarer metals, the use of which entails greater physical costs.

Any energy consuming device may operate only between limits and that all physical operations are subject to the same limitations always determinable on a basis of measurement.

The human body as an engine operating within limits under the same laws.

Lesson 6

Why do we go to such great lengths to explain and demonstrate that the human body is an energy converting device or an engine?

First to make clear that the individual human is dependent for sustenance and capacity to function or do work, entirely upon the amount of energy converted or consumed in the form of food fuel  and certainly not upon legislation, nor political action, nor how much money is available, nor the ballot, nor philosophy, nor morals, nor justice, nor any other consideration outside the measurable limits of energy conversion in which the human engine can operate. The whole social mechanism, composed of all the human engines in a Continental area, then is a vast energy converting device or mechanism, subject to the same requirements within measurable limits for it's operation, or capacity to function.

This should make clear the meaning of the frequently occurring references in Technocratic literature to our *high energy civilization* and that such a civilization can be operated efficiently only in accordance with it's measurable energy requirements.

This lesson should contribute greatly to an enlarged understanding of Technocracy's basic postulate that all parts of a social mechanism are measurable as stated in Lesson 2.

Lesson 7

What has the flow of energy on the earth to do with the study of Technocracy?

This lesson explains first that all living organisms on the earth live and function in a veritable `sea of energy.' Second, that one species can enjoy an advantage over another either by an increase in the amount of energy used, by an increase in efficiency of conversion, or a combination of amount and efficiency. This also holds true for individuals we learn to think of wealth in terms of available energy NOT available money.

It will also be seen that all of this energy, regardless of it's many processes of conversion from one form to another, is always measurable according to the Laws of Thermodynamics as defined in Lesson 4.

It will also be noted that all movement upon the earth, which means all work done, all functions performed, are the result of the use of the energy and it's conversion from one form to another, and is the result of the use of energy, always measurable, and that the measurements can be stated in terms of units that never vary or fluctuate. Therefore we have further proof that

"all the phenomena involved in the operation of a social mechanism or any mechanism are metrical." (can be measured)

We see further that the only common denominator upon which all operations rest is energy. It should then be clear that all functional operations originating in energy, are continued by process of energy conversion, are measurable in energy units, and end in the degradation of energy into waste heat. Therefore functional processes can only be considered intelligently in terms of energy, and can only be controlled accurately by energy accounting a system which balances with maximum energy requirements namely Technocracy the design, the system of functional control or functional administration.

Lesson 8

In this lesson we should note the particular significance of the word competition which has a determining effect upon the growth, development and advancement of a species is the competition of all living organisms for the dynamic advantage, or the greatest possible share of energy.

The Technocratic significance of this lesson is that, likening the population on the North American Continent to the rabbit population in the enclosed field, we have enjoyed an ever increasing advantage for ourselves in the ever increasing use of energy consuming devices. But somewhere along the way, a disturbing factor of a predatory nature, -- the coyotes or the men who control the interference-mechanism of the money got through the fence, thus disturbing the dynamic balance of the general population, to their own dynamic advantage and the disadvantage of the rest of the people (the rabbits.) But a new factor has already been introduced, namely technological development, which will eventually destroy the price system entirely, thus restoring full dynamic advantage to the population of the North American Continent, which can then by utilization of our present known resources and present installed energy converting equipment continue it's growth and restored dynamic advantage, for at least 1,500 years, using a system of functional control. and technological administration, or Technocracy the design.

Lesson 9

Where is the Technocratic significance in all this historical review of man's development of energy converting devices and the continuing disturbance of biological balance, resulting from the use of these devices?

Man, in perpetual competition with all the other species for a greater share of energy convertible into use forms, must maintain a constant dynamic advantage by the conversion of a larger share of energy for his own uses in order to increase in numbers and promote general welfare. Note that dynamic advantage, or amount of energy converted over that enjoyed by other species, results always in biological advantage.

Without any further development of this phase of the subject it should by now be clear that the energy conversion factor or the rate at which energy is converted to man's uses is the factor which determines the standard of living of the population within any geographical area. The energy conversion factor likewise determines not only the advantage over another species, but the advantage of the population of any given area over the population of any other area in which energy converting equipment and resources are developed on a lesser scale, or at a lower factor.

From this point on in the study of Technocracy the design, there should be no failure to understand that the state of society or standard of living, in proportion to population within any geographical area, is and always has been limited by the energy conversion factor attained within the area. The raising of the energy conversion factor will always provide biological advantage in the area, within limits of available resources. Meanwhile disturbing factors of a predatory nature, operating to interfere with the dynamic advantage of a whole population, cannot be continued on a long term basis, provided that energy conversion is maintained at a high rate and efficiency continues to rise.

The text of this lesson plainly illustrates that the increasing use of energy in application to resources, within available limits of both, overcomes all interference's not greater than the limits of energy and resources. Thus upon the North American Continent the interference--control mechanism of the price system concerning which you will be fully informed in subsequent lessons, has decreed it's own doom and provided the means of it's own destruction in raising the energy conversion factor upon this Continent higher than elsewhere on earth. While it continues to boost the rate of conversion at an increasing rate of acceleration. The limits of interference--control within this Continental area are far below the limits of available energy and resources.

 Lesson 10

The Technocratic significance of this lesson is identical with that of lesson No. 9 and should be developed by the same manner.

The lesson develops along broader lines and over a greater field, an inevitable rise in the energy conversion factor with the advance of technology.

Especial notice should be taken of the uni-directional trend of technological development, and the increasing acceleration in the rise of energy conversion factor in efficiency as well as rate.

Particularly significant is that legislative or political interference, as indicated in reference to laws against the use of coal for domestic purposes, while setting up a lag in the rate of energy conversion, nevertheless could not reverse the trend. Political control today is even more ineffectual as interference factor in the change in the rate of doing work, while at the same time continually more effective in interfering with distribution of goods and services.

The net result of this type of interference is the projection of the trends of energy conversion and distribution farther and farther apart. Under price system operation it is impossible for those trends ever to meet or come into balance.

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