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Issued: February 1941 (Revised 1942 & 2006)

When members put up websites showing monads and using the word Technocracy on the home page they are in effect speaking and writing for our Organization and therefore should comply with the bylaws, general regulations, operating instructions for speakers and for writers. It is not the duty of CHQ to lead the membership as there are no leaders or followers in Technocracy Inc. The members are supposed to be self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals who understand the design and are guided by the aforementioned documents. When ex-members put up such web sites they need not comply with the bylaws or general regulations however if they purport to be writing and speaking on behalf or the Organization they ought to at least comply with the guide for speakers and the guide for writers. These operating instructions were left by the founders so that those who carry on their work would do it as they intended. MOST IF NOT ALL of the problems associated with presenting the work of the technical alliance on the internet could be avoided by simply using these guides. If we are to repair the damage done to our image then compliance with these guides is the place to begin.

Guide for Speakers

Platform Personnel

4.0.0 One unfailing indicator of the activity of any Section or Group is its number of public meetings month in and month out, and the number of appearances by its speakers before service clubs, civic groups, church bodies, educational institutions, etc. Technocracy must be vocal to broadcast its message and accomplish its purpose. Technocracy possessing the greatest social objective and the most vital message ever dispatched to North Americans, is proud of its voice--its gray-clad corps of competent, voluntary Speakers, male and female. These active men and women are in the vanguard of Technocracy's extension. Through their sustained efforts interest is built up locally and new units of our Organization are born and established in previously unrepresented districts.

4.0.1 To continue and to accelerate this basic work every section must strive for a *minimum of six* regularly active authorized speakers clad in official dress. An unbroken stream of new speaking talent must be developed from our growing membership. As always, the Organization relies on the initiative and willingness of its members in the Field to acquire self-training and to do the job.

Part II:

4.1.0 Authorization
The application to CHQ. for authorization of speakers
4.1.1 A *unanimous* recommendation signed by a Section Speakers Committee denoting that the applicant has completed satisfactorily the Speakers training course and is generally well prepared.
4.1.2 Submission to CHQ. of the subject matter of first five (5) half-hour semi-public lectures given before Section members and others. A typed copy of a complete lecture prepared by the applicant _without assistance_ or correction by others.
4.1.3 After authorization by CHQ. the chief responsibility of keeping and giving assignments to only the most capable of speakers rests with the Section Speakers Committee.

4.1.4 CHQ. may at any time retract a Speakers authorization.

4.1.5 Resumes and speeches submitted to CHQ through the Section Public Speaking Committees must be in duplicate, one set to be retained by CHQ, and the other set to be returned to the applicant. manuscripts must be typewritten, double-spaced, on one side only of white paper 8.5 by 11 inches in size and not too light in weight. Manuscripts must not be typed in solid capital letters. Pages are to be numbered in the upper right corner. Not less than one inch of margin is to be left on all sides.

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Part III:

4.2.0 Training
How Do I Become a Speaker for Technocracy? The best answer yet given is. know your subject--then get up and talk about it.,

4.2.1 Acquiring knowledge of Technocracy's scientific method and basic postulates is the *first prerequisite.* Thorough study of the Technocracy Study Course, both privately and as an active participant in  Project Graybook discussion lists, these criteria are indispensable. Complete familiarity with the official literature--pamphlets, all past and current issues of Technocracy magazine, and a representative number of past and current Field publications--is to be gained at the outset and maintained thereafter. many of the principal references listed in the bibliography of the study course that should be investigated. Furthermore, one must keep informed on the up-to-date measurements and facts concerning the significant current events of Price Systems demise. Finally, one must know his Organization--its structure, methods, and current development as stated in the BL&GRs and supplementary Operating Instructions, and in the material forwarded to the Field from CHQ month by month.

4.3.0 Preliminary Methods               
Practice and actual experience are the training prerequisites to the development of a public Speaker. Fundamentally, Public speaking is simple. Consideration will show that it may be regarded merely as the carrying out of an orderly conversation before a group of people. By this is meant asking oneself natural questions concerning the subject, either directly and vocally, or silently by implication, and answering each completely and vocally so as to be understandable by those to whom the subject and its implications are new. Both knowledge and preliminary experience in orally presenting Technocracy and its component subject matter before groups of people nay be initially secured by several useful methods.

4.3.1 Prepare and post to Project Graybook., resumes or summaries of project Graybook. lessons, portions of the source books, official pamphlets, magazines, and other pertinent factual material relating to North American physical trends and their social implications. A `tour of duty as Class Leader for project Graybook. not only supplies a needed function within project Graybook., but also helps prepare a class leader to present Technocracy from the platform.

4.3.2 Give short talks before Section Membership meetings and similar functions on phases of Technocracy's methods, accomplishments, and objectives, stressing the need for increased and more efficient membership function.

4.3.4 Give short talks on subjects with which the student is thoroughly familiar, such as the _functional aspects_ of ones occupation, hobby, or special interest, from the standpoint of Technocratic publications, always stressing the latter. This kind of talk is *preliminary only* and is not to be delivered before the general public.

4.3.5 Present Technocracy and answer questions concerning it before small groups of interested non-members at informal gatherings in private homes of members or non-members. This is a particularly functional method of acquiring further development.

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4.4.0 Speakers Classes
Further training may be carried out in special Speakers classes conducted by the Section Public Speaking committee. These classes deal with the elementary factors of public speaking technique, such as diction, *vocal modulation*, delivery, platform manner and stance, etc., but are primarily concerned with the accurate presentation of Technocracy via the spoken word. Training in Speakers classes must not stress too heavily the academic side of the technique of public speaking. Training takes the form of immediately practical experience in presenting talks of from 5 to 30 minutes duration on Technocratic material.

4.5.0 Platform Work
Later training, in addition to the previously stated methods, is achieved by actual appearance of the student on the platform at a Section public meeting in the capacity of X-Card announcer, literature announcer, organizer, chairman, and finally in initial try-outs as main Speaker.

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4.6.0 To sum up:
Regular study of material and continuous practice and experience accompanied by determined effort, will surely overcome any original self-consciousness of the student and provide all the training he needs to become a competent Technocracy Speaker.

Part IV:

4.7.0 Organizational Drive In promoting Technocracy by the spoken word it must be borne in mind that the main purpose is to secure capable new members and not merely to educate or entertain the audience. To secure members the emphasis must be placed on the social implications of the facts and the conclusions which they validly bring forth, and *not on the academic phase of the subject alone.* The facts must be presented with assurance and accuracy, but moreover, in such a manner that a challenge results intended to motivate the hearers to participate in Technocracy--first to investigate the facts uncovered and see for themselves, and second to translate this new knowledge into sound organizational action. Realization of the imperative need for each person doing something about it--study and action--must be the natural response be gradually induced in the persons in the audience: as the lecture approaches its climax. This constitutes the organizational drive of the Speakers efforts and must become skillfully interwoven in the lecture process. Caution must be exercised and discretion used in accomplishing this. Guard against the use of oratorical mannerisms and an emotional vocabulary as it defeats Technocracy's purpose. A sober, relentless presentation of valid reasoning from unassailable facts, avoiding both the over-academic and over-emotional, it has been found to be the most effective mode of address, producing the most lasting and satisfactory results.

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4.8.0 Vocabulary  Speakers must exercise care in the choice of terms used, always remembering that Technocracy is science and that simple simplicity is desired in speaking, only terms of exact and well-defined meaning are acceptable in science. Subjective and philosophical oratory are consequently to be avoided. The correct vocabulary of science in the social field will be acquired naturally through the study of Technocracy and its literature. It is most important to recognize certain major errors which must be avoided:
a. Speakers will refrain from erroneously using the terms capitalism and profit system for Price System. Price System is the correct general, all-inclusive term.

4.0.1 Erroneous clichés, such as history repeats its self.

4.0.2 Radical terminology is futile and philosophical, oratory has an objectionable odor. Terms such as bourgeoisie, proletariat, exploitation, class, struggle, bosses, workers etc., are to be strictly excluded from any Technocrats vocabulary and most especially from that of a Technocracy Speaker. (If it is, of course, necessary to refer to these terms specifically point out their alien nature and that they are non-applicable here in America.)

4.0.3 Moralistic terms, concepts, and evaluations are to be avoided. They may be used only when subjecting them to realistic and objective analysis, whereupon they can all be shown to break down and in many cases to dissolve completely. Such terms include, justice, rights, opinion, ought to, should, liberty, freedom, equality, natural rights, mind, soul, spirit, etc.

4.0.4 Price System economist labels, such as plan of plenty, law of supply and demand, law of diminishing returns, niggardliness of nature, production for use and not for profit, etc., are misleading and inexact, and refer to fallacies. They cannot be used to describe the social phenomena of the Power Age, they are therefore to be excluded from a Technocracy Speakers vocabulary.

4.0.5 Refrain as much as possible from the use of the pronoun, I. In most cases it is not only correct, but more effective to say we, or Technocracy.

4.0.6 Avoid use of the phrase under Technocracy. It is correct to say under the Price System, but use in or within a Technate.

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4.7.0 Essential to the correct approach is this:  Technocracy is not proposing the overthrow of the Price System, but realizes that its demise is inevitable. Therefore, Technocrats are bending every effort to build their Organization and to instruct the public, secure in the knowledge that circumstances will eventually compel people to organize, and that if they are properly informed and supplied with competent direction, the tendency for panic and hysteria to occur will be far less than it might be otherwise.

4.7.1 As training and experience are attained, each Speaker will develop a natural style which is most suited to his or her personality. While much may be learned from listening to other Technocracy Speakers and many valuable hints thereby gained, all are warned never to court danger by attempting to emulate another Speakers individual, personal style. Allays be yourself be natural, and avoid affectation. The use of humor and wit, in the correct sequence and at opportune times, is to be encouraged to a certain degree. It is an effective attribute when used appropriately, and with discretion, but if overdone it is a detraction from the Speakers main purpose which is of course fundamentally serious. Avoid equally the dry academic exposition and the heated emotional appeal. Refrain from indulgence in personalities. The main attitude to preserve is one of cool and detached dignity backed by an assured and confident manner.

4.8.0 Personal appearance
Speakers maintain and neat appearance and deportment and others appearing before the public for Technocracy Inc. neatness and cleanliness of personal appearance beyond all reproach, conduct themselves at all times in a manner becoming a Technocrat. Speakers must conform strictly to the rules concerning appearance as stated in 01-9. An Authorized Speaker who is temporarily not yet wearing Technocracy Gray Regulation Dress must procure special short-term authority from his Section Board of Governors to appear on the platform. Others appearing on the platform in public for Technocracy Inc., including chairmen, announcers, literature sellers, ushers, etc., must conform strictly whether wearing Regulation Dress or not, to the regs. concerning appearance as stated in 1-9.

4.9.0 Speakers or other personal appearing on the platform even in any minor degree under the influence of liquor is subject to instant dismissal from Technocracy Inc.

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4.10.0 The Technocracy Salute is appropriate on the platform
Speakers for Technocracy are to be especially proficient in the use of the Technocracy Salute as described in 01-12. The Technocracy Salute is to be rendered the audience both upon entering and upon leaving the platform.

4.11.0 Speakers Accessories
Speakers may often find it expedient to illustrate their lectures by the use of adequate and well-prepared charts, graphs, maps, slides, and short films. Demonstration of various other types have been found useful and effective. People obtain a more lasting impression from what they can see than from what they are merely told. Care must be exercised in augmenting a lecture presentation with these accessories, however, to maintain continuity, coherence and unity. A stronger effect can be obtained through using a few charts, etc., to full advantage rather than by burdening the audience with too many.

4.12.0 Section Publication, Education, and Research Committees may be requested to assist the Speakers and the Section Public Speaking Committees by undertaking production of these accessories.

4.13.0 At important meetings it is advisable to have the flag properly displayed to symbolize Technocracy's patriotic nature. (There is no other organization of greater patriotism.) Some Sections have acquired and use to full advantage a Technocracy Gray banner carrying the Monad and the Section designation. Official banners are procured only from CHQ.


4.14.0 (Victory Home Security Program)
An intrinsic part of Technocracy's operational design for the North American Continent is Continental defense. For a social system may not survive unless it is first secured from external aggression. The North American Continent, with its resources is the ultimate goal of aggression from both Europe and Asia. (ie: MAI) Technocracy has therefore made the defense of this Continental Area an integral part of its proposals.

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4.14.1 Prior to the World war II which began in September 1939 and during its subsequent course, Technocracy issued various phases of its Continental defense measures. Paramount in this is the proposal of Total Conscription first published by Technocracy in July 1940 and re-issued in full-page newspaper advertisements from coast to coast in the spring of 1942. As long as this war shall last and until the fascist enemies, both external and internal, of America are utterly defeated, the program of Total Conscription and the related measures of Continental defense are the primary subject of all Technocratic lectures. Continental defense is a part of Technocracy's program, and during time of war it must supersede all other phases of Technocracy's program. Until the fascist enemies of America are defeated Technocracy has no program of social reformation.

4.15.0 *Standard Lecture*
The type of lecture otherwise most often in demand and most often appropriate in time of peace for the presentation of Technocracy to new audiences is that stressing Technocracy's analysis of the Price System, summarizing the major trends and conditions leading to its demise, and concluding with a birds-eye view of the next most probable state of society as foreseen and specified by Technocracy as a matter of necessity. Remember, before the listener can grasp the final answer to any problem he must first be shown the formulation of the problem. The listener must be Shown not only the unpleasant results of the Price System so evident in North America today, but moreover, the future dangers which are far, far greater. This phase of Technocracy _in time of war_ must remain subservient and secondary to the presentation of Technocracy's defense design.

4.16.0 Supplementary Lecture Types
Some supplementary lecture types, of which phases and themes may be woven into a standard lecture, include:

4.17.0 Lectures in the interpretative style commenting on significant events and developments (industrial, agricultural, financial governmental) in the current scene, and perhaps bringing out ironic aspects.

4.18.0 Lectures dealing with material of social and economic significance and containing, usually, statistical data from the United States--Canada Census, Statistic abstracts of the United States--Canada, etc., and other authoritative sources which may be quoted.

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4.19.0 Lectures dealing with sociological matters that expose the ironies and futility of present social-control techniques.

4.20.0 Lectures dealing with current financial and political maneuvers ostensibly for one purpose, but actually for some other entirely different, and explaining in all cases the subterfuge involved.

4.21.0 Lectures disclosing specific technological advances in various industries and operations, with emphasis on the change in man-hours entailed and similar features.

4.22.0 Lectures dealing with industrial developments in various countries and their reaction upon world trade and North American export markets.

4.23.0 Lectures dealing with the physical processes of the North American Continental Area and showing how their quantities, variety, distribution, and exploitation affect the operation of the Continent.

4.24.0 Lectures showing the alien, non-American origin and the inadequacy of all Price System institutions end forms of government (such as socialism communism Nazism, fascism, social credit, etc.) for the operation of a high-energy social mechanism on the North American Continent; and, conversely, lectures showing the completely American origin of Technocracy and its competency to accomplish the required social results.

4.25.0 Lectures showing the requirements for defense of this country and how that defense can be achieved only on the basis of Continental technological operation-- social and industrial Such as military--which is Technocracy.

4.26.0 DVD – VIDEO -- Motion Picture Lectures
while eventually Technocracy Inc. will produce its silent and sound films to illustrate the varied activities and spread of its Organization, social conditions, technological advancement, the Technocracy Study Course, etc., many Sections are now procuring films from industrial and governmental sources for use in educational classes and public lectures. In the case of silent films, a running commentary by qualified Technocracy Speaker must always accompany the showing, drawing attention to points of Technocratic significance, stressing the social implications, and providing the basis for the all-important organizational drive.

4.26.1 In the case of sound films either the sound or commentary can be excluded to make way for the Technocratic commentary, or an introductory and/or concluding Technocratic talk must be given. The showing of a motion picture alone is entirely inadequate.

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