1. An advanced industrial society of continental extent in which the supporting economy uses energy units for measurement and control, in place of the monetary values (money) of the Price System 2. A membership society or movement, originating in North America in 1934, advocating adoption of this concept; 3. A subverted use of the term, in wide use, specifying management or rule by specialized experts rather than by elected representatives or non-specialists.

Price System:
Any social system whatsoever that effects its distribution of goods and services by a system of trade or commerce based on commodity evaluation effected by means of debt tokens, or money, debit cards, et cetera.

The term Price System must not be confused with such terms as profit system, or capitalist system. The factor of ownership does NOT alter the mechanics of operating a Price System, and it may be added in passing, that unless it be in some remote and primitive community, none other than Price Systems exist at the present time.

An ancient and generic symbol signifying balance chosen by Technocracy Inc.  as their logo, it represents a balance between production and distribution; the colors are vermillion and chrome.

A methodology for the determination of the most probable based upon an analysis of the facts of the matter.

A fact is a close agreement of a series of observations of the same phenomenon.


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