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Technocracy's Approach


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The building of a new social order on the North American Continent demands an entirely new technique of organization. Technocracy is working toward the definite objective of a new social order of abundance and security for all--an objective that is predetermined by the very structure of our Continental physical mechanism. A thorough study of the current progression of North America indicates that nothing short of this objective will satisfy the needs of our people or the operating specifications of our technology. This is not a matter for compromise, as some suggest, in an effort to modify, reform or confine the present outmoded method of social control. It is a gigantic problem--as large as all North America and the full impact of modern technology--and it cannot be solved by a compromise of agreement among many diverse opinions. This is a problem which can only be solved by the design and installation of a new social order. Such demands a new form of organization.

In most instances individuals join in voluntary association to act upon those opinions, ideas, or beliefs which they hold in common. These opinions, ideas, or beliefs may or may not be in accord with facts, although group action may and does take place in entire disregard to facts--often with disastrous results. Once ideas have crystallized into organized action little question is raised or permitted as to their feasibility or conformance to fact.

In these cases--the union of men of widely differing conditioning with a consequent wide range of opinion, ideas or beliefs--it often follows that the objective of the group is either initially or ultimately the result of compromise, or is, of necessity extremely limited or general in scope. This explains the popularity and ineffectiveness of the emotional approach and the political generality neither clearly states nor adequately defines the project; both are readily adapted by the individual to his existing stock of ideas.

Technocracy partakes of only one of these elements in that it is dependent on the voluntary association of individuals acting upon certain ideas upon which they are in agreement. It differs, however, from all other social movements past and present, in that these common ideas are not the result of philosophic agreement. Compromise, in so far as it may enter into the building of this Organization, must be entirely upon the part of the individual in allying himself with the movement.

It will be seen that the building of such a movement demands an approach that is a direct inversion of the methods employed by all other social movements. The emotional popularization of Technocracy's program would mean but a temporary gain; persons drawn into a movement by such means are good only for immediate action--rarely can they be held for a long-term program. This is amply illustrated by the rapid growth and decay of the many contemporary social movements that have employed such methods. Technocracy's task is one of providing facts; facts upon which all may build common ideas. The continuation and expansion of the research program and the wide-spread presentation of the facts gained there from is part of that task.

The growth of Technocracy has followed naturally upon the formation of common ideas based on facts. Growth by such methods has been slow but it has been a selective process that will assure a membership of the type required. People who enter an organization through emotional excitation are as readily lost to another; people who enter an organization with an understanding and acceptance of the factual basis of its program cannot be led astray. Such only are deserving of the name--Technocrat.

NB: to anyone who is considering joining. Although it is done, simply being accepted by CHQ in Washington state as a member and paying dues is not enough to be considered a member in good standing such people are rather SUPPORTERS of our movement which is laudable and for most citizens is all that can be expected; however it is required that all those who would be known as MEMBERS in good standing of Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 that they have gone through the study course. This can be done either by attending in person a group study course moderated by any member that CHQ in Washington State deems qualified, or by taking part in the on like Technocracy Study Course.

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Commentary. Of the countless groups which were formed during the so-called great depression of the 1930s only one, Technocracy Inc. Est. 1933 continues to function. This astounding fact caused the British Broadcasting System BBS to send an investigative team to visit us

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