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CHOO Radio Recollections

An on line scrapbook of images & text for former staff and listeners alike


There was once a mighty fine little radio station in Ajax, Ontario, Canada with the call letters CHOO. Founded in 1967, it eventually left the AM band and evolved into another station by the end of 1994. In between those years, a lot of talented folk came and went through the doors of 97 McMaster Avenue - its ramshackle home until late 1990 - and a lot of happy listeners enjoyed the entertaining results.

This site is an attempt to recapture some of those now rapidly fading memories. Enjoy!

Version 20 - Update: MAY. 2015

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NEW FROM 2014! Tom Edge, CHOO Radio announcer and Program Director (1978-1980) answers our Top Ten Questions about his years behind the mic and behind the desk at CHOO, on new Page 39.

ALSO NEW FROM 2014! We get the hitherto untold inside story on the first ever CHOO Program Director Rick Adams (1967-69) from his son Mike Adams, on new Page 40.

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Also last year (2014) during the summer, we paid tribute to the late Eric Anderson who had just passed away by posting some visual CHOO memories he had shared with us before his passing. Just click the INDEX page button below to find these items.

An official obituary notice for Eric is still HERE (click link).

Earlier last year Dave Deeley recalled a very different kind of CHOO Radio back in 1969/70. On weekends CHOO Radio "freaked out" and played rock 'n' roll. One of their shows "Interphase" welcomed inexperienced teen DJs to spin the latest far out tunes. Dave Deeley was one of them. Just click the INDEX page button below to find this item.

Steve Fruitman was another. In a second "Interphase" story, this time from 1971, Fruitman describes his audio adventures on CHOO Radio weekends as part of an outrageous radio duo that did its best to "stick it" to Da Man! Just click the INDEX page button below to find this item.


Readers are always invited to share their memories and/or photos from CHOO Radio's past. We want to hear from you! Contact info is on the INDEX page.




(LEFT) Here is the CHOO train from Christmas 1980, lovingly made in ceramics by a dedicated CHOO listener.

The train was the visual logo used by CHOO throughout its "Radio 14" CHOO Country era.

This kind of gift to the staff was typical of the generosity of CHOO listeners in the Durham region.




(RIGHT) Here's an original CHOO News microphone "flag" from the mid-1980s.

Flags were an important way of promoting any station during interviews made on location.

CHOO had an excellent news operation at the time which provided unparalleled local coverage.