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This is a private website on the Vancouver CommunityNet, intended partly as a self-teaching exercise in web editing, and partly as a resource centre for some friends, and partly as an exercise in sheer exhibitionism.

(I have another website advertising my professional clerical services at Garth's Office Solutions. For a copy of my services and rates, or my resume, please private-message me at garth.van.spencer at

For some time, I have wanted to showcase samples of my writing – both articles, and amateur stories – and to provide some reference articles for other people who are interested in the subjects I cover below.


As you may gather, my interests revolve around some communication issues, some cultural or social issues, fandom, fanhistory, science fiction, self-publishing, and something I call “practicing sociology without a license”.


My Fandom Guide:

Comprised of club convention lists, fanzine lists, apa lists, and anything else useful I could gather


In preparation:


"The Art of Conrunning" - notes collected from greater minds than mine

"Cults" - they're still out there

"How to Human", or Supplementary Life Skills (the kind of things we thought we knew already)


My Nonfiction articles:

Amateur fiction:

In preparation:


"Elves in Space" (a satire)

"If Jesus Were Texan"

"Lost in Transit" (stories)

Paragon (a novel)

"The Jade Ring"

My Links:

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Burnaby Writers Society

Burrardfjord Kindred



Northwest Convention League

SF Canada

SF Lovers


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