Chemtrails and The New World Order

What are those sinsiter looking persistent contrails in the sky that just began to appear around 1998?

They are spraying elements to manage global warming - or so they say - but if you do research into the composition of the aerosols and the geophysical global science you find that there is no global warming and the substances that are being sprayed are designed to destroy the planet and kill everything.

How are they getting away with this, you say? There is a Treaty called "The Open Sky's Treaty" that New World Order member countries signed to allow the chemtrail planes to fly over without having to gain special permissions.

They chemtrail planes are obviously military in nature, because if you observer their flight plan it is not the same as regular commercial air traffic. They fly from one military air force base to another air force base. The Canadian government denies that the spraying is taking place by claiming they are regular contrails. We know the truth though, and the globalist papers on geoengineering tells about the geoengineering fraud orchestrated by the New World Order criminals. As far as I am conserned this is a crime against humanity and those involved should be arrested and tried.

[LINK] Chemtrails: Spraying in Our Sky. Petition to Canadian Parliament. Government’s Response

This chemtrail program is part of the plan for the globalist cabal to make you pay carbon taxes. They are destroying the ozone layer of the planet with the aerosol spray and using the old paradigm - problem - reaction - solution - the carbon tax will make everything all better. Just pay your carbon taxes and the chemtrail planes will not have to spray you with toxins, see. They fail to tell you that when they refer to carbon they are speaking about carbon dioxide not carbon monoxide.

[LINK] Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-engineering

Well, what's in the chemtrail aerosol spray? Like crop dusting and seeding clouds, the chemtrails chemicals can contain a range of elements depending on the desired effect. If the globalist crime cartel wants you to get sick or kill you they will spray you with a virus, bacteria or fungus. Mostly of the genetically modified version.

The following documentary explores the topics of GeoEngineering, SRM (Solar Radiation Management), Weather Modification and “chemtrails”, and introduces the public to new ways to protest against dangerous GeoEngineering initiatives by using the all new mobile app SkyderALERT. Put an end to the insanity. Look UP. Get the APP. Save the World.

[LINK] Look Up!

If the global mafia wants to make you dumb-down and be passive so that you do not ask any questions about the world around you they will spray you with arsnic, monoatomic aluminum and pharmaceuticals. So - if you have suddenly developed a strange infection or lump or if your bones hurt - arsnic does all that and more! Or maybe you wake up with blood-shot eyes and feel sick - like you have been poisoned, think chemtrails! If you develope alziemers disease, this is the result of chemtrails.

[LINK] “Why in the World are They Spraying?”

If they want to destroy the environment so that the soil can only support Monsanto aluminum resistant plants - they will spray monoatonic aluminum and other elements to change the bacterial culture of the local soil and kill the worms, etc.

They are also spraying on your head biotech nanoparticles designed to bind with living tissue and integrate into your genetics as an experimental science of transhumanism they are using citizens as guinea pigs to test out their trials without your consent. Many people have developed something called "morgellions" disease whereby a foreign substance starts to grow inside the bodies of individuals that is neither totally biological nor electronic.