Burden Bearers of Canada is a clinical counselling agency dedicated to the advancement of psychological well-being for all who seek its services and to adherence to the highest standards of professional practice.

Since 1974, Burden Bearers of Canada has sought to provide the highest level of therapeutic care to all who are troubled and hurting. In this fast paced world in which we live the stress and inevitable change that comes with each day negatively impacts many people. It is at times such as these that family members, co-workers, and friends benefit from having someone to share their difficulties with. One of our long standing objectives is to be able to assist and provide clinical counselling for individuals at their point of greatest need.

A further objective of ours is to ensure that all of our therapists are thoroughly screened, academically qualified, mature, professional in approach, and in total agreement with our Christian heritage.

For further information on our services: please contact a Burden Bearers office near you or email us.

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