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SUPPORTERS of the UNPA CAMPAIGN                                                                                                            


Hundreds of distinguished individuals, among them parliamentarians, leading scholars, former government members, civil society leaders, human rights activists, authors, Nobel laureates and members of conservative, liberal, socialist and green parties have signed the Appeal for the Establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the UN.  Over 106 countries are currently represented.  You can review the list in total or by country on the international website at 
A list of supportive civil society organizations is also shown.


In 1993 the Standing Committee on External Affairs and International Trade of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament prepared a report which recommended:

“By way of building the public and political constituency for the

United Nations, the Committee recommends that Canada support

the development of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

and that we offer to host the preparatory meeting of the Assembly

in the Parliament Buildings as the centrepiece in our

celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations….”

 In 2007 the Committee reaffirmed its support for the UNPA as a means to bring about a reformed and strengthened UN, capable of promoting democracy and keeping the global peace.


Also in 1993, the European Parliament was the first directly elected parliament to endorse the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly in an official resolution adopted by its plenary. It has reiterated its position in resolutions from 2003 and 2005.



In January 2006 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has also adopted a resolution containing such support.



Several organizations and conferences have supported the proposal of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.  To name the most important: the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA),  the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy, the Millennium Forum of Civil Society 2000 and UBUNTO – The World Forum of Civil Society Networks.


Not least, the proposal to set up a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations seamlessly builds upon the proposals of the Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations-Civil Society Relations of June 2004 which recommended the provision of an institutional home in the United Nations for engaging parliamentarians.


Additional endorsements and testimonials can be found on the international website –


HOW TO ENDORSE   It is now possible to endorse the Appeal for a U.N. Parliamentary Assembly on-line, or the following forms can be printed:

Forms for individuals and organizations:

Forms for Canadian Members of Parliament