Ruckus 2011

Unfortunately, the Raincoast Ruckus will not take place in 2011. For 2012 and beyond, let us know if you can help make it happen.

Ruckus 2010

The 15th annual Raincoast Ruckus was held March 5 - 7, 2010 at Bonsor Recreation Complex.

The callers were Kathy Anderson and Adina Gordon. The bands were Out of the Wood (Vickie Marron, Pat Marron, & Kathy Bowman) and Riffraff (Warren Argo, Jim Erlandson, Lindon Toney, & Josie Toney).

If you have any online photos of the event, please let us know: [email protected].


Raincoast Ruckus is Vancouver Country Dance's in-town dance weekend, held every year in late February, at Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby, BC (a suburb of Vancouver, BC). Ruckus flies well-known callers to Vancouver from across North America to call contras and squares.

The weekend starts after supper on Friday and ends Sunday afternoon. Dancers can register for the whole weekend, or drop in on day-time workshops or Friday and Saturday evening dances. With advance notice, Vancouver dancers are happy to "billet" out-of-town registrants. As the weekend is based at a recreation center, the pool, showers, and other recreation facilities are available to dancers at the same hours as to the general public.

Bonsor Recreation Complex is located at 6550 Bonsor Avenue, in Burnaby, BC. (maps & directions)

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