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VCN queries only
Please note, however, that we are not a general Vancouver information service. We are a community network, and we try to facilitate communications within our community.

So in other words please don't send us email asking for Vancouver tourism information or asking us to look up phone numbers in the phone book or the health of the Beluga whales in the aquarium or other general Vancouver-type questions. (these are actual questions that people mail us with, by the way) We really don't have the staff and volunteers to answer such general questions!

You'd be better off posting a general query to a public newsgroup like bc.general or van.general. If you don't live in Vancouver and want to find a phone number in town dial (604) 555-1212 for BC Tel's directory assistance. Vancouver telephone books are available at most Canadian libraries. For job information, you can buy the Vancouver Sun or the Vancouver Province at bookstores across Canada. Both newspapers also carry rental and housing information, though the former is more complete than the latter.

If you're looking for a specific Web site in BC, check out our Community Pages index.


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