Charitable Status and the VCN.

"Information is the currency of modern life. This has been properly called the information age. The free exchange of information amongst members of society has long been recognized as a public good."

- Mr. Justice James K. Hugessen.

In a landmark decision for Canadian law and computer-based communications, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled on July 8, 1996, that The Vancouver Community Network, a non-profit community network, may apply for charitable tax status under the Income Tax Act.

The Vancouver CommunityNet is making this information available in the hope that charitable status will help community networks across the country in their daily fundraising struggles. We would like to recognize Bill Andrews, James Aldridge and Marcus Bartley for their hard work on the case.

Here is some background information, including the full text of the decision and a kit to apply for Charitable Status for your CommunityNet.

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  • Revised: October 8, 1998