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Weekly dancing

We dance on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:30 from early September through April at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby. But, 2nd Wednesdays will be "Live Music" nights at a different location (check the upcoming events page for the actual location), as those nights are mostly not available at the SCC.  Couples and singles are welcome. Members dance for free at these weekly sessions. Drop-in fee for non-members is $10.00 or $15 for two. Dress is casual; shoes are non-street shoes with non-rubber soles and low heels, and we ask that you not use perfume.

Beginners classes

Each term if we have enough people to form a class, we run a 9-session course on basic Scandinavian couple dance steps including schottis, waltz, hambo, polka, etc.  Teaching runs from 7:30 to 8:45.  Cost is $60 per person and includes a DVD of the basic dances and club membership for the term, or if you want, you can pay $100 for the full year's membership and get the class almost for free. Couples and singles are welcome. Classes begin mid-September and mid-January. Check the Upcoming Events page for the next start date.

These sessions are held Wednesdays at the Scandinavian Community Centre. You can read a bit more about the dancing in this MS/Word document. Let Wendy know if you need a different format.

For registration, contact by email: Judith Anderson or by phone: (604) 526-4722 or 
by email: Wendy Cutler.

Beginners Teaching Video

A beginner video is available showing the dances featured in the basics dance class demonstrated by members of the club. Each tune begins with voice over cues for the man and for the woman, followed by the tunes played  three times through - plenty of music to practice to. Tracks 14 and 15 are additional music but not dance demonstration. Have a look at the jacket to see what dances are included.

The price for the DVD is $30 CA including shipping. Contact Raul Segas or by phone: 604 327-2187 to discuss purchasing a copy of this video.  This video is included with enrollment in the Beginners class.

Intermediate program

What we call our "intermediate program" is our main weekly dance session, open to everyone of all levels. 

The teaching program for the Spring, 2020, will be run by Janet Gabites, Ross Schipper and Soren Huber. Here are the details:

February 19: Finnish evening. Masurkka and more

February 26: Hallingspringar

March 4: Hyfs and Sväv

March 11: Victoria Drive dances for the Spring Equinox Ball

March 18: Review for the Spring Equinox Ball

March 25: TBA

April 1: TBA

April 8: Victoria Drive

April 15: AGM and request dancing

April 22: review of Springdans NW workshop dances

April 29: Cabaret with live music

May 6: Last night of dancing; TBA


Club members are encouraged to try their hand at teaching dances that they learned at workshops. We usually have videos available to use as a refresher, and there's an excellent Tips for Teachers guide for teachers and teacher wannabes (see below).

Check the Upcoming Events for 2nd Wednesday "Live Music" nights, featuring our local musicians and potluck snacks. 

Tips for Teachers

Tips for Teachers notes from the workshop given by Deborah Jones are available as a Word 2000 document. If you'd like some other format, contact Wendy to see what she can do for you.

This page was last modified on February 15, 2020.

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