Tune: Daisy, Daisy

Raging Grannies
We're visiting at your place
Where there 's action
We always show our face.
When we see a disturbing headline
A light bulb pops in our mind
By day or night
We sit down and write
A song that we all can share

We love singing
Of peace and environment
We hope you know
Exactly what we have meant
We try to sing out loudly
And say the words out proudly
Tho'we have stiff backs
And our voices might crack
We hope you will bear with us.

Tune: Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three little soldiers,
Marched off to war and never got older.
It makes us sad and it makes us bolder
Just say NO to war!

One billion, two billion, three billion dollars
Wasted on war if we don't holler
"You can go but we won't follow"
Just say NO to war!

Their kids, nmy kids, your kids, too
Facing death... it's up to you!
Here's what we all need to do
Just say NO to war!

Tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Words: Regina Raging Grannies

Don't destroy the people
Just destroy your blasted bombs
Don't destroy the buildings
Just destroy destructive tanks
Don't let your missiles bounce around
It's your missiles you should ground
Then we all can work on
Healing this world of ours.

Don't go after vengeance
It's a game that we can play
Don't stop food and medicine
You nourish hate that way.
The axis of evil that we can see
Is greed, and scorn, and hypocrisy
And we want to work on
Healing this world of ours.

Tune: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You better keep well, no fever or chills,
Better stock up on vitamin pills;
Cause Medicare is facing … a crunch.
Affluenza is what the rich will enjoy,
A two-tier system for the hoi - polloi
And Medicare will loose... its punch.

Canadians like things fair and square,
But that's not what we'll get.
If we don't holler loud and clear,
For everyone to hear.

So, you better keep well, no fever or chills
Better stock up on vitamin pills,
Cause Medicare is facing … a crunch

tune: Bring...Bonnie To Me

My air miles makes holes in the ozone,
My lifestyle makes lots of debris,
You tell me the planet's in danger,
Oh bring back my planet to me.

Bring back, bring back,
Oh bring back my planet to me, to me.
Bring back, bring back,
Oh bring back my planet to me.

Your car emits unburned organics,
Monoxide and nitrates and lead,
But it's nearly two blocks to the bus stop
So you'll drive till the planet is dead.

Your beef comes from deleted rain forests,
Your fish come from crowded fish farms,
But you eat them with organic brown rice,
Oh bring back my planet to me.

Big businesses don't own the sunshine
They don't make a buck from the breeze,
So they plunder the planet for profits,
Oh bring back my planet to me.

tune: Daisy, Daisy

Daisy, Daisy, bicycling is good for you
Driving's crazy, cars spew out CO2
We know we should not disparage
An elegant motorcarriage
But take a hike, or ride a bike
The environment will love you!

Don't you wish that we had commuter trains
Proper bike paths, or at least bicycle lanes?
Who needs an eight-lane highway?
Why can't they do it my way?
We'd clean the air, have dough to spare
If only we used our brains...


Tune: Quartermaster's Store

There are trees, trees, mighty living trees
On our land, on our hills
There are trees, trees
See them when you please
In our own pure watershed

Some wits are dim, they do not care
That's why we need trees to clean our air
We need those trees to make our air.

They want to cut, cut, clearcut all our trees
On the hills and on the flat
The land is ours now for everyone to share
Let's not put an end to that!

Some minds are dull, they are not bright
To kill our forests is not right
To save the trees we must UNITE!

Tune: Blowing In The Wind
Words: Toronto Grannies

How many nights must a child go to bed
Without being properly fed?
In this great country how many must die?
Before our politicians see red!
The answer of course
Must be in our hearts
There's plenty of food for us all!

How many nights must they sleep in the streets
In winters so bitterly cold?
How many more must die on our streets
Before the world's another year old?
The answer must be
To look in our souls
There is plenty of room for us all.


Tune: I've Got Sixpence

We want labels, clearly marked labels
We want labels, displayed on all our food
They are messing with the genes
Of potatoes, corn and beans
An we want to know what's in the food we eat

No trust have we, in their biology
When we know its being used to deceive you and me
It's as rotten as a worm in an apple tree
But their profits come rolling, rolling home

Rolling home, rolling home,
They're singing the same old rotten tune
They've welcome the day, now the markets have their say
And their profits keep rolling, rolling home

We want labels, clearly marked labels,
We want labels, to tell us all the truth
They are messing with the genes
Of potaoes, corn and beans
Genetic engineering's not for us

tune: Oh Where Oh Where

Oh where, oh where has democracy gone?
How could we have failed to foresee?
Our rights curtailed and our justice withdrawn
We've had blinkers on,
That's plain to see

Oh where, oh where has democracy gone?
Transnationals don't give a damn
Their game of greed is their mantra,
They're the boss of their friend Uncle Sam.

We've got to wake up / and work like stink
To bring us all back from the brink
Of losing our sovereignty,
Resigned to our fate
Of becoming the 51st state!
No Way! Heh?

Tune: 76 Trombones (76 time bombs)

The RCMP look grand in their musical ride,
Uniformed up and bursting with pride.
But when they charge a crowd with tear-gas and pepper-spray,
They just go, and blow their image away.

We will go marching until we change the world,
Activists all are we?
Clergy, teachers, students-and-seniors-too;
Everyone will march in unity.

It is our constitutional right to say what's wrong,
And demonstrate in peaceful ways not fearing clubs and spray.
The Police and Mounties are supposed to serve and to protect us all,
No criminalize dissent. Is this democracy?

Tune: Teddy Bears' Picnic
Words: Vancouver Grans., Dec. 2001

If you think we have our liberties still,
You're in for a big surprise:
We're under surveillance everywhere,
It's just that they 're in disguise.
For you and me, as good as we look,
If we protest, we're seen as a crook;
Cause that's the way they play
“Security Pretense”

Picnic time for corp'rate greed,
The Multinationals are having a lovely time today.
Watch them catch them making deals,
While politicians sign our rights away
See global corporations spread their seed.
Of what the people need
They never take any heed!
When cops and spies and National guard
Take you off to jail it's just
For “National Security”…
Is just for “National Security”

We must learn to live together