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Volunteer Opportunities

President's Message


Since February 1999 to the present, I have had the pleasure and responsibility to work as the Port Moody Ecological Society' volunteer president.

My term as volunteer president ends at the Port Moody Ecological Society Annual General Meeting in February 2002.

Between now and then, I will be actively searching for a replacement volunteer president for the Port Moody Ecological Society.

Any of the Port Moody Ecological Society volunteers, friends and supporters who are seriously interested in this volunteer opportunity and in taking on these volunteer responsibilities are encouraged to contact me personally, with your vision of the society:

Port Moody Ecological Society Hatchery/Lab Tel/Fax: (604) 469-9106; E-mail: pmes

Volunteer President in training
Vice president (volunteer president in training)
Volunteer coordinator/training coordinator
Recording secretary for the PMES Board of Directors
Photographs/35mm slides cataloguer
Office administrivia assistants
Assistant newsletters editors/helpers
Newsletter reporters/helpers
Web Developers/maintainers
Fish Habitat restoration coordinator
Fish Habitat builders
Water Quality Data entry assistants
Water quality samplers/monitors
Communications/marketing/advertising/promotion assistants
Community outreach assistants
Hatchery helpers
Watersheds/streamkeeper coordinator
Tour leaders
Cleaner-outers and cleaner-uppers
Hatchery site maintainers
Schools program assistants/understudies
Fundraising Director (possibly a new vice-president) and Grantspersons.

To reach us: 

Port Moody Ecological Society 
300, Ioco Road 
Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada 
V3H 2V7 
Phone and fax: (604) 469-9106 
E-mail:  PMES