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NSCIRS is actually already registered and hosted by VCN under North Shore Community Services (NSCS). The organization is a non-profit group that offers access and referral for legal and social services to the North Shore Community. We are rebuilding the site and would like to give it a new URL. Hopefully, we'd like to obtain www.vcn.bc.ca/nscirs to replace www.vcn.bc.ca/nscs. For a period of three weeks, we'd like to have both accounts open while the new site is constructed on line in the newly created directory at VCN. I spoke with Jack Vickery about this who thought it would be possible. He asked that I register through VCN and have my application for the new account forwarded to him. Thank you for your service.

North Shore Community Information and
Resource Society
Capilano Mall - Suite 204 -935 Marine Dr
North Vancouver, British Columbia
V7P 1S3

Tel: 604 985-7138
Fax: 604 985-9528

Email: [email protected]

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