Press Release

City-Wide Rally September 18 at City Hall


The Situation

An opportunistic proposal for a hasty mass rezoning of 2400 single-family homes in the “Norquay” area of East Vancouver threatens to trample a well-established Community Vision process. The City of Vancouver agenda appears to include:


The Action

In response, a city-wide rally at Vancouver City Hall will be held September 18, 2007 at 6:30 pm. The presence of the Mayor and City Council have been requested.


The Goal

The residents of Norquay want respect for their Community Vision, recognition of the existing neighborhood, involvement in planning for their neighborhood, enhancement of amenities (transit, parks, schools, community centers, etc.) in step with population increase, and maintenance of quality of life. Changes to the Norquay neighborhood must be livable, affordable, ecological, sustainable, and socially responsible.


The Group

Norquay Neighbours formed as a community action group in June 2007. Extensive consultation within the neighborhood indicates that a very large majority of area residents do not favor the City’s proposal. Norquay Neighbours has been developing contacts with and support among other neighborhood groups across Vancouver.


The Background

A haphazardly distributed unaddressed junk mail flyer landed on the doorsteps of residents in Renfrew-Collingwood and Kensington-Cedar Cottage in early June. Called a “Draft Plan” for the area, the flyer aims to initiate a rapid move toward mass rezoning, with the critical step of approval in principle by City Council scheduled for September 2007. This sudden, sweeping proposal came as a complete surprise to the people affected. About 30% could not read the information in their first language, and the flyer did not even offer brief multilingual advice to find a translator.



Joseph Jones – 604-433-2764 – [email protected]
Alicia Barsallo – 604-879-3246 – [email protected]


Issued August 20, 2007

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