Officials Relevant to the Norquay Neighborhood


Municipal – City of Vancouver Elected Officials

Mailing Address:
      Mayor and City Council
      Vancouver City Hall
      453 West 12th Avenue
      Vancouver, B.C.   V5Y 1V4
Email the Mayor and Council as a group: [email protected]
Contact the Mayor and Council individually:

        Mayor Gregor Robertson           [email protected]           604-873-7621
        Councillor Suzanne Anton           [email protected]           604-873-7248
        Councillor David Cadman           [email protected]           604-873-7244
        Councillor George Chow           [email protected]           604-873-7245
        Councillor Heather Deal           [email protected]           604-873-7242
        Councillor Kerry Jang           [email protected]           604-873-7246
        Councillor Raymond Louie           [email protected]           604-873-7243
        Councillor Geoff Meggs           [email protected]           604-873-7750
        Councillor Andrea Reimer           [email protected]           604-873-7241
        Councillor Tim Stevenson           [email protected]           604-873-7247
        Councillor Ellen Woodsworth           [email protected]           604-873-7240

Municipal – City of Vancouver Employees

City Planning Dept - Vancouver
Use this Quick Find Directory to get contact information for any City of Vancouver employee.
Brent Toderian – Director of Planning
[email protected]     604-873-7698
David McLellan – General Manager, Community Services Group
[email protected]     604-871-6939
Ronda Howard – Assistant Director, Citywide & Regional Planning
[email protected]     604-873-7215
Kent Munro – Assistant Director, Community Planning
[email protected]     604-873-7898
Catherine Buckham – Planner III, Community Planning
[email protected]     604-873-7265
Grant Miller – Planner II, Neighbourhood Centres
[email protected]     604-871-6485
Kathleen Kern – Planner II, Neighbourhood Centres
[email protected]     604-873-7473
Catherine Sinasac – Planner, Vision Implementation (Renfrew-Collingwood)
[email protected]     604-873-7473

Provincial – Members of Legislative Assembly

Mailing address:
      Members of Legislative Assembly - British Columbia
      Room 201, Parliament Buildings
      Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4
Adrian Dix – Vancouver Kingsway
5022 Joyce St., Vancouver, B.C.   V5R 4G6
[email protected]     604-660-0314
David Chudnovsky – Vancouver Kensington
6106 Fraser St., Vancouver, B.C.   V5W 3A1
[email protected]     604-775-1033

Federal – Member of Parliament

Don Davies – Vancouver Kingsway
2951 Kingsway, Vancouver, B.C.   V5R 5J4
[email protected]
House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario   K1A 0A6
[email protected]     613-943-0267


Updated December 10, 2008

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