Becoming a Member

Our Criteria & Process

As a non-profit housing co-operative providing reasonably priced housing for people with low to moderate incomes, the Manhattan strives to maintain a mixed membership of people of various ages, representing a variety of occupations, skills, and financial backgrounds.

The Membership Committee is responsible for selecting new Members. These Committee Members represent a cross-section of the Manhattan membership and have and have an understanding of the issues and concerns of the co-op. When choosing a new Member, they base their decision on the prospective Member's application and a subsequent interview.

When an applicant has passed the initial interview, they become part of a waiting pool (in contrast to a waitlist, the wait pool is not first come, first served). From this pool, a prospective Member is selected when a suite becomes available. The Membership Committee then seeks approval for its recommendation from the Board of Directors at a regular Board meeting.

M. Kluckner, 1995

Apply for the Waiting Pool

Our waiting pool is currently full. We are not accepting applications at this time. Please watch this page for updates.

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