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Please sign up for 'Grassroots Politics - Vancouver-Kensington' - an unmoderated discussion list for concerned residents of the electoral district of Vancouver-Kensington who wish to debate public policy issues and strategies.

 Seed questions for discussion:

 What is the impact of provincial policies on you, your business or organization?

 How do we monitor the actions/inactions of our MLA?

 How do we organize to encourage positive steps and to discourage policies that are against the interests of Vancouver-Kensington residents?

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The simplest way to subscribe is to e-mail [email protected] and request that your name be added to the list.  However, for immediate subscription, and to use the full potential of the list (such as viewing prior e-mails in the archives), you should follow the procedure below.

We use a  web application and shared  mailing list called Sympa  to  manage our email list and communication strategies. The list is located at http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/grassroots-vanken

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